Top 7 Best Arduino Robot Kits for Beginners: Reviews & Buying Guide

Arduino Robot Kits is a one-stop solution for beginners, hobbyists, and engineers to get acquainted with robotics and Arduino. It’s a great technical platform for creating and building mobile robots with a great sense of creativity.

To perform such tasks, you have to get all the necessary parts from different sources, which are complicated. The solution is to pay for the Arduino robot kit and use less effort to design cool projects. A good robot kit comes with clear instructions, helps, and saves you time and money.

There are many Arduino robot kits on the market today. Each has its own hardware devices and features. Since it is challenging to make the right decision, we have developed a case study on different Arduino robot kits and offer you the best 7 Arduino robot kits that offer different components, price, project details, source code, and much more.

Read our “Shopping Guide” for more information on choosing Arduino Robot Kits.

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1. Freenove Quadruped Robot Kit 

The Frenovo quadruped robot has a great design. Made of an evergreen Arduino raspberry pie processing board, the robot has a spider-like feature and can crawl on the surface instead of clinging to the wheel.

This kind of movement by robots is one of a kind and is very interesting for the code and program from the beginning. All you need to do is follow a simple step-by-step guide that will help you assemble and code the robot to work.

The robot can be controlled using wireless remote control. It comes in pieces in the remote package, and you will build it too. It can also be controlled using PC software or using an Android phone.

Freno provides you with the necessary code library to allow the robot to reprogram. This, along with the additional free ports available to the robot, gives you the ability to connect to other modules, circuits and redesign the robot to your creative and imaginative extent.

This package is complete with parts and additional magnetic screwdrivers and spinners to work with.

Suitable age groups: 13 years or older

Things we liked about it:

  • A unique model that walks on 4 legs (quadruped) rather than moving on wheels
  • It can be reprogrammed and repurposed as well.
  • Easy to build and code using the step by step tutorials
  • The remote comes in the package and is part of the DIY process.
  • It can be controlled using a computer, a mobile app, or a wireless remote
  • The package comes with magnetic screwdrivers and spanners for fixing and building it.

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • No warranty
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2. Lewansoul Robotic Arm Kit 

Next, we have a robotic arm kit instead of a dynamic whole robot. Lions 6DOF is a robotic arm kit made of an Arduino. It is also a Steam-based robot learning kit that also comes with app controls and tutorials.

Highly mechanical and minute cut, the arm uses a high-precision digital servo to increase the robot’s control accuracy.

Liam has detailed video tutorials on using the robot arm and detailed video in 3D to configure it.

Made entirely of metal, the robot’s arm is extremely durable in nature. The metal mechanical claws are made of a durable aluminum bracket, and the bottom plate is also pure metal.

The robotic arm’s structural design is designed for maximum freedom of movement and allows it to grip any object as much as possible and move it in every possible direction.

The robot can be easily controlled using the Android or iOS app and via graphical PC software.

It has 5axis curvature, a superb surface design, and maximum grip and mobility, making it a great fit for beginners and aspirants.


Compatible Age Groups: 8 Year and above

Things we liked about it:

  • Has a detailed tutorial for design and using it.
  • It can perform various operations—simple holding to moving and be programmed for complex actions.
  • Exact movement and high-quality budget-friendly robotic arm
  • It can be controlled using the mobile app (both Android and iPS) or the PC software.
  • Can move about in 5 axis breadth

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • No warranty
  • Only a single part of the movement on a single place; no wheels
  • Batteries not included
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3. Elegoo Penguin Bot Biped Robot Kit 

Yet another LEGO robot in our list, the Ordinovo Kit, the Penguin Boot, as the name implies, looks like a penguin robot. The Boot Biped Robot Kit is an ST Stem Learning Kit for beginners and interested adults.

Based on the DIY Urdino platform, the ELEGOO Penguin Boat comes with the promise of ELEGOO quality and high reviews and ratings.

Coming to the original boot, it has great features like auto-follow, music player, and dance. It can follow the same line, detect and avoid obstacles, and even overcome the use of an IR remote. Using Bluetooth EP, you can control the robot to sing, dance, and move from one place to another.

Not only available in red, but this boot is also available in black and transparent colors. Headcovers or head masks are available in 6 delicate designs to make it more personal than it used to be.

With easy-to-follow tutorials, your child can learn to code, program, and much more with a robot and experience for themselves. This tutorial is attached to the CD Robot Kit.

Perfect for kids over 10, even adults can have fun collecting and using robots. This pack includes servo motors, parts, and containers, and everything needed to assemble and use the robot. The kit also includes a magnetic screwdriver and some extra spare parts.

Compatible age groups: 10+ years

Things we liked about the kit:

  • Easy to build STEM Learning ROBOT kit
  • Comes with 6 extra delicate design face covers for added personalization
  • Can auto-follow, sing, dance and through the speaker, also mimic singing and avoid obstacles as well
  • Highly reviewed and rated
  • It can also be controlled using the Bluetooth App as well
  • The tutorial CD teaches coding at a basic level extensively
  • Includes extra parts and a magnetic screwdriver as well

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • No warranty
  • No advanced customizations available
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4. Osoyoo Robot Car Starter Kit 

Osoyoos Robot Car Kit is a DIY robot built on the Arduino UNO R3 chipset. It also lets you control robots using both Android and iOS apps. The robot comes with many functions in high quality and is one of the most affordable and budget-friendly models on our list.

The kit can be modeled into a robot that can have Wi-Fi-powered driving or even a combat boot. You can also program for imitation driving. The DIY robot can also do line tracking, avoid collisions with obstacles, and more.

For beginners and professionals, the best, detailed tutorial that comes with the kit will help you get started with it and be professional. Kids can easily learn code, the basics of IoT (Internet of Things), electronics, robotics, and more.

It can also be controlled using an infrared remote control that is included in the box. The kit comes with two 9-volt batteries based on rechargeable lithium-ion. The charger box lets you charge. It also includes all the accessories needed for further construction.

Compatible age groups: 10+ years

Things we liked about the kit:

  • Highly affordable and easy to build a DIY Robot kit
  • It can also be controlled using WiFi and a smartphone.
  • Can imitate drive, automatic drive, and much more.
  • High-Quality UNO R4 Arduino board
  • IR Control remote also available.
  • Beginner-friendly yet pro built.
  • Detailed tutorial included in it
  • Can detect and avoid obstacles, line track, and object motion follow as well.
  • Two 9 volt rechargeable batteries included.

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • No warranty
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5. Ubtech Jimu Robot Astrobot Series: Cosmos Kit 

Next, we have the UBTECH JIMU Astrobot Robot Series. This cosmic kit is enabled through a mobile app and teaches children to build and code using STEM learning.

With more than 384 parts, connectors and fasteners, the robot has a total of 5 servo motors, 2 LED lights, and a central control box. The battery has a USB based charger. The sensor that comes can be connected to a Bluetooth speaker and increase your accessibility and ability to use the robot further.

Blackley’s unique coding platform teaches you to learn code more easily and better. You enable your robot to pick equipment, navigate obstacles, control lighting settings, create sound effects, create a unique personality, and much more.

With the Berkeley Coding Challenges, you can test your skills against others and gradually learn to create and write better code. The 360 ​​degrees 3D dynamic building guide will further help in developing a better model.

The robot can be programmed for custom functions with the pose, record play function, or PRP function. With a total of 387 Snaps in it, it’s an entertaining game. The free app works on both Android and iOS devices.

Winner of the Tollywig 2018 Branched Award and CES 2017 Innovation Award, the robot won Time to Play Magazine’s 2016 Most Wanted List and the 2015 IFA Award for Best Show. Well-rated and well-reviewed, because it’s basically a toy, there’s no guarantee

Compatible Age Groups: 8 to 12 years of age

Things we liked about it:

  • STEM learning robot kit
  • The PRP function is truly revolutionary
  • 360 degrees animated building instruction
  • 387 snap together pieces
  • Award-winning design
  • The app allows for easier learning to code and play
  • Sensors and a Bluetooth speaker embedded too

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • No warranty
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6. Makeblock Educational Robot Kit

Next, we have the Mac Block MBot Steam Robot Kit. An updated version with updates from its predecessor comes with change features like one of the 3 robots.

It can be coded with many tasks, and it is a fun tool for children to learn code. It can be built in just a few hours, which is as easy as assembling building blocks. Although it can be advertised because it will take about 45 minutes, it can take a few hours to build.

The MacBook has a signature Origa board that is compatible with the Arduino Mega 2560. Arduino IDE can also be used for development and building guidance that also comes with robotic aids.

With proper privatization, the robot lets you add unique features and even a special bundle model such as a bird, a rabbit, or a land rider.

To run it, you will need 6 AA batteries. Although it has no warranty, you can write to their customer support for any queries and issue support س make

Compatible Age Groups: 10+ years of age

Things we liked about it:

  • 3 in one model
  • Block-based building
  • An advanced Arduino model
  • Uses the Me Auriga Board that is compatible with the Arduino Mega 2560

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • Has No warranty
  • As it does not have a dedicated interface, you will be forced to use the Arduino Mega 2560 IDE for the development
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7. Elegoo Project Smart Robot Car Kit 

First on our list is the ELEGOO UNO R3 Smart Robot Car Kit. This is a robotic kit that is Arduino compatible and designed specifically for beginners and electronically active children and adults.

With the ease of following the tutorial to assemble it, this Steam education kit easily teaches children programming and robotics.

It comes in a 24 module package and is an integrated solution for learning robotics. Modules include infrared remote control, interlocking, tracking, and mobile control. These are for both Android and iOS operating systems.

Aligo has a BLE tool app that gives you control over the kit using your mobile. It has an HC-08 module, which is easy to use. The manual CD will provide you with a tutorial on how to use it. It includes car programming education as well as HD videos of car tutorials, presentations, and assemblies.

Very easy to assemble, the module’s interface has been replaced by the XH2.54 port, which makes assembly much easier and eliminates the possibility of any errors.

The car has a rechargeable battery and minimal design—a great gift for newborn learners aged 12 or over. The robot car comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee from the date of purchase.

Compatible Age groups: 12 years or above

Things we liked about the kit:

  • Has a detailed tutorial CD
  • STEM educational robot car kit
  • 1-year warranty
  • 24 Modules for easy assembly
  • Intelligent obstacle avoidance
  • Line tracking
  • Elegoo BLE Tool Mobile App
  • Rechargeable Battery

Things we didn’t like about it:

  • None too specific to mention
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Buying a Guide to Arduino Robot Kits

Before choosing Ordino Robot Kits, one should consider the following factors that meet their needs. Read on to learn more about them.

1. Price

The most important factor you should consider when deciding to purchase Ardenov robot kits. Someone should go with their price. Also, check out the best features that branded products offer.

If you do not agree to spend more, go for the medium-range products mentioned in the article.

2. Smart navigation

Nowadays, all electronic devices are equipped with smart navigation feature. Without this feature, no manufacturer is releasing products into the market. This is very important because you can control the device with just one touch, even in your busy time.

When you turn on smart navigation mode, it automatically starts moving from left to right, to the front. It can sometimes crawl and jump to avoid obstacles in using the smart technology feature.

If you want to choose this amazing feature, you need to pay extra dollars. Make wise decisions before you buy.

3. Easy access

So far, you have only considered price and smart navigation options. But the third essential element is easy to access. For example, if you have purchased a product and cannot handle it or do not know how to assemble the robot kit, then your coin will be lost.

My best advice is to get a full idea of ​​any gadget you decide to buy and then make a plan.

If you crave something and don’t know how to use it, then it makes no sense.

4. List of ingredients

When you hear about the list of ingredients, it can be ridiculous or ridiculous. Trust me. You can also check the number of ingredients provided in the kit. Because sometimes, the kit does not contain all the necessary components for a project.

The second reason is heavyweights; some of them do not like to carry heavy luggage. Another misconception is that heavy equipment does not offer high performance. But I’m afraid that’s not right, and you cannot be satisfied.

Ensure you check the list of ingredients offered in the robot kit and buy the best one that meets your needs.


Of all the robots on our list, the LEGO Project Smart Robot Car Kit is the best choice. It has great features like line tracking, ultrasonic sensor and can be controlled using an IR remote or mobile phone. A great Steam classroom robot kit for teaching programming to kids 12 and older also comes with a rechargeable battery. Also, it has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, which does not include any electronic components.

These and the high quality of the robot kit make it one of the best DIY robot kits for beginners. Although these were our choices, we are interested in hearing from you. Have we lost anything? Would you like us to add something? Or do you have any questions about Arduino kits or any other robot kits? If so, feel free to write to us in the comments section below. Our team will write to you as soon as possible.

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