6 Best IOT Starter Kits with Overview Guide

Have you ever wondered about using IoT devices? For your home or offices! It will definitely be a great choice for those who use electronic gadgets intelligently.

Because, according to a recent survey by experts, an estimated 30 billion IoT devices and a huge market value of 7. 7.1 trillion by the end of 2020.

IoT devices connect the application’s large door locking system, camera, and smart car. Its primary function is to store and monitor data (icon, audio, and video) according to its instructions.

Making these IoT starter kits a part of your life can make your long term better.

I’ve just thought of sharing these amazing IoT starter kits to help you accomplish this task in less time with less effort. Here is a list of the best 7 IoT starter kits with their amazing features.

Check them out in detail!

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1. Adafruit Microsoft Azure IOT starter kit

Finally, the Adfret Microsoft Azure Starter Kit is at the bottom of our list. IoT Starter Kit manufactures NKC. This popular brand offers a large portion of Arduino-Raspberry pie boards and other electronic devices.

The components included in the kit are made of high-quality materials. That is why the price is much higher than other IoT starter kits.

This excellent starter kit includes pre-soldered components such as steering headers and a servo motor. Compatible with built-in USB and battery charging, reliable and fast boards.

The new design features are portable with microcontrollers and works on various applications such as car sensing, door locking, and many more.

To build such recreational projects, you will need the listed components available in this Adfree IoT Starter Kit.

  • Stacking headers
  • USB cable
  • LEDs
  • Piezo buzzer
  • Switches
  • RGB color sensor and
  • Resistors
  • M/M-jumper wires 
  • SPI sensor
  • PIR Sensor
  • Full-sized breadboard
  • Vibration switch and
  • Micro Servo
  • Magnetic contact switch
  • Portable nature
  • Easy to handle
  • Too expensive
  • No instruction manual
  • Batteries are not included
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2. SparkFun IOT starter kit using blynk board 

The Spark Art Starter Kit is a great way to work on the world of IoT tools with a blind board without prior knowledge in programming.

It is recommended for electronics enthusiasts and engineers to learn about the blank board and how to use it to work on IoT devices without any hassle.

Soldering is also not required. Starter kits usually come with a complete program and a subscription card attached to the controller board. It helps a lot with Android, iOS devices, monitors the weather, and controls your smartphone’s LEDs.

To make the device work, connect to the Wi-Fi signal, and use it properly. Also, follow the manual instructions that outline the step-by-step approach to hardware devices and 14 IoT projects.

If you want to create a fun plan with the Sprinkle Phone Starter Kit, consider the following components:

  • USB-cable
  • LEDs
  • Capacitors
  • Jumper wires
  • Resistors
  • Probes
  • User-friendly guide
  • Power adapter
  • Controller board and

When you talk about performance, it’s actually because of the thousands of applications in the industry. If you are looking for a way to get acquainted with IoT devices then try these with Spark Art Starter Kits.

  • No use of codes
  • Very economical
  • Soldering is not required
  • Poor built quality
  • Not much flexible when compared to others
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3. AT&T IoT starter kit powered by AWS

AT&T is a multinational company that develops unique products in the field of electronics and technology. This famous brand is committed to providing high-quality product services to customers and is number 5 on our list.

This amazing starter kit includes a microcontroller board, adapter, SD card, SIM card, USB cable, and connected wires. It’s like an Arduino board, but it can’t do all the things that an Arduino can do.

The hardware platform allows you to create a cloud-based environment with an open-source SDA or JTG connection. It contains the necessary elements to connect to the AT&T network for collecting data, storing, and analyzing IoT devices.

It enables designers to develop and prototype cellular-connected IoT devices by considering the following content.

  • Cellular shield
  • Controller board
  • An instruction manual
  • USB cable
  • SIM card
  • Memory card
  • Connecting wires and
  • Power adapter
  • Highly reliable
  • Has portable design
  • Provides a hand guide
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi
  • Too expensive to buy
  • Connectivity issues may occur
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4. Particle Maker kit for learning IoT

No. 4 belongs to the Particle Maker brand. This brand is famous for designing the ultimate electronic starter kits and offers good customer service.

Although the product’s cost is expensive, you can start designing IoT projects with all the necessary components and accessories available in the Particle Maker Kit.

With this starter kit, you can learn and design 4 documentary projects for prototyping with an additional 250 projects. Cloud services are a gateway between the web and hardware devices. Internal integration transmits data to Google Cloud or other services via webhooks.

A guide is provided with components to guide hardware parts and assembly procedures.

This amazing Particle IoT Starter Kit contains the following components.

  • Transistors
  • Jumper wires
  • LEDs
  • Power supply
  • Controller chip
  • Resistors
  • Capacitors
  • Breadboard
  • SD card and
  • USB-cable
  • Portable nature
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Just a few minutes of the installation process
  • Poor quality maintenance
  • Bit expensive compared to the previous
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5. Imp. Explorer Kit

Number three on the list is the electric amp brand. It offers customers better product services than others listed in the 7.

This is one of the best starter kits released by Electric Amp to understand and control hardware devices. You can also encourage children to do interesting projects at the science fair that are in great demand in the future.

Starter Kit takes just a few minutes to set up, install, and connect to the world of possibilities via IoT. So far, its applications are limited to a few concepts.

This kit includes USB, RGB LEDs, batteries, and system headers for preparing a project. It has a wide range of cloud service integration by collecting environmental data.

  • Accelerometer and
  • Temperature
  • Air pressure
  • Humidity

The IOT kit contains the following components that are neatly packed in a cardboard box of dimensions 4.3*3.3*1.5-inches are:

  • Batteries
  • USB cable
  • Developer kit
  • Power supply
  • IOT Wi-Fi module
  • RGB LEDs and
  • Easy to install
  • Offers high-quality standard services to the customer
  • Very cheap
  • Poor product quality
  • Not compatible with much electronic equipment
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6. MakerFocus development board kit

MakerFocus is famous for manufacturing hardware devices with high-quality and strong technical support. Several users buy this product for quality and the warranty it offers. For this reason, it became 1st on our list.

This kit is mainly certified by Microsoft Azure that ensures security, and connects quickly.

This wonderful kit can be used as a smoke alarm, camera, recording pen, and timer circuits. You can also connect with several other tools like an industrial tool, door lock system, hotel panel, and aluminum cutting machine.

It’s actually a palm-sized device that has a high degree of completion and scalability. You can download the code in SDK format and implement it on IoT devices to use numerous applications.

MakerFocus branded kit contains the following components:

  • Stickers and
  • Main nucleus
  • USB cable
  • A manual
  • Mount
  • DuPont line

Overall, the performance is good and meets the basic requirements of a DIYer. It includes a manual to guide users on IoT and its practical models.

  • Very economical.
  • High standard customer services
  • Provides an instruction manual
  • Doesn’t offer a warranty.
  • A bit complicated for newcomers to handle
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