10 Best Airbrush Compressor 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

An airbrush is a great tool for painting any canvas or surface with different mediums such as paint, paint, ink, and make-up. It provides a more sophisticated finish than ordinary spray painting. But airbrushes alone are not able to complete large tasks.

To complete large volumes of air, the airbrush compressor is a reasonable addition – as it provides a constant air supply to the extended airbrush.

When buying the best airbrush compressor, we recommend to consider the following factors;

1. Type: There are two types of airbrush compressors.

Diaphragm Compressors: They provide a maximum air pressure of 40psi. They are suitable for a single airbrush. However, they cannot be used permanently for too long because it is too hot. And it makes a lot of noise.
Piston compressors: Compared to the above, they provide a significant amount of air. This enables you to use more than one airbrush at a time. They are efficient, powerful, and do not overheat.

2. Power

The power of the airbrush compressor is given by HP or horsepower. It must tell you the amount of air at a given time. Powerful airbrush compressors offer a horsepower rating of 0.5 HP or higher.

You can learn more about how to choose an airbrush compressor in our shopping guide.

We have also provided the best brush compressor below in this article based on the same factors.

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1. COSSCCI Handheld Airbrush Kit, Portable Mini Air Compressor

COSSCCI Handheld Airbrush Kit, Portable Mini Air Compressor

Coming to the last airbrush compressor, we have a popular COSSCCI option. And this compressor is completely different from all the other options in this article.

It is a handheld, portable, and convenient airbrush that comes with a charging cable. It connects the airbrush as well as the compressor unit. As a result, it’s a great option for small tasks such as food or jewelry airbrush painting.

In terms of power, this airbrush compressor charges on USB and takes 30-50 minutes to fully charge. You can charge this device while traveling with any USB-capable device like a car, laptop, or even a phone charger. Thus, the use of this product, and its low maintenance risk, product for all kinds of airbrush artists makes this product an essential airbrushing tool.


  • Dual action air brush connector
  • USB compatible


  • A charging cord
  • All the needful attachments
  • A manual
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2. Iwata-Medea Studio Series Sprint Jet Single Piston Air Compressor

We have another Utah option in this article, which is a premium option like the last one. But it’s a lot cheaper but still offers great performance.

Despite the full semi-pro features of Iwata’s air compressor, the IS800 is very lightweight at just about 8.65 pounds and completely improves noise performance. It offers a maximum air pressure of 35 PSI, which is quite useful for a given size.

You get a flow valve as well as an air pressure gauge to adjust the airflow to suit your needs. Using this airbrush compressor for painting prevents inbuilt moisture filter pulsation.


  • Up to 35 PSI Air pressure
  • Only 8.65 Pounds
  • Air pressure gauge


  • All the necessary components
  • The manual and guide
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3. AW Pro 1/3 HP Twin-Cylinder Airbrush Compressor

AW Pro 1/3 HP Twin-Cylinder Airbrush Compressor

AW Pro is a fairly unknown brand of airbrush compressors available on Amazon. And it’s far more powerful than most of the options available there.

In this air compressor, you get a twin-cylinder, air compressor, and 1/3 horsepower piston which provides extreme output during use. This powerful compressor can deliver power up to 100 PSI which is the best in the class. You also get a capacity of 3.5 liters in the air tank of this compressor. This allows you to use the compressor together for a long time.

It offers an airflow rating of 1.3 CFM, which is great. And although it has twin cylinders, it only has a sound rating of 59b, which is quite quiet when you consider its power.


  • Twin-cylinder air compressor
  • 3.5 liter Air Tank
  • 1/3 horsepower capable precision-forged pistons
  • Auto stop and start
  • Up to 100 PSI power mode
  • Ultra silent operation max 59DB
  • Easy assembling


  • Instruction manual
  • 6-foot US-standard 120 volt power cord
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4. PointZero 1/5 HP Airbrush Compressor

PointZero 1/5 HP Airbrush Compressor

Point Zero is a very popular airbrush compressor brand on Amazon. And we’re here with one of the cheapest options from Point Zero.

It is one of the fewer oil pumps to offer a powerful 1/5 horsepower. As a result, you can carry any type of airbrushing project load. It offers a very quiet CFM 1.0 airflow.

The noise rating of this airbrush compressor is 55 dB. For airbrushing you get a maximum air pressure of 58 PSI in this air compressor.

Also, the automatic restart feature of this air compressor can relieve airbrush artists from overheating of the compressors. This feature also helps you save electricity. Because it is an oil-free pump, you can use it for food painting and other related applications.


  • 1/5 horsepower tankless compressor
  • Ultra-quiet compressor creates noise up to 55 dB only
  • CE certified compressor
  • No oil design air pump
  • Automatic power mode
  • Runs flawlessly up to 58 PSI


  • Comes with 7 bonus airbrushing guides
  • Six power cords of US-Standard 110-120 volt
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5. California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S Light & Quiet Portable Air Compressor

California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S Light & Quiet Portable Air Compressor

Product Description: If you are looking for airbrush compressors on Amazon, California Air Tools is another great option. And the CAT-1P1060S is one of the largest air compressors in this article.

It comes with a large one-gallon air tank that allows you to use your airbrush together for a long time. The motor in this product offers 0.6 horsepower which produces a maximum airflow of 1.2 cm. And this airbrush compressor can produce 90 PSI on-demand air pressure. Also, it is significantly quieter, producing only 56 decibels of noise.

Although this airbrush compressor is quite large and powerful, it weighs only 29.5 pounds. And the oil-free pump results in very little maintenance of this airbrush compressor. It is made of high-quality stainless steel.


  • 0.6 Horsepower compressor, 1.2 horsepower Peak.
  • One gallon still air tank
  • 1.60 CFM – 40 PSI and 1.20 CFM – 90 PSI.
  • Item weight 29 pounds
  • One year limited warranty
  • Full tank fill rate 50 seconds
  • Recovery time 15 seconds


  • One universal 1/4″ quick connector
  • Two pressure control gauges
  • Thermal Overload Protector
  • 72-inch connection cord
  • Air compressor and owner’s manual
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6. Paasche D3000R 1/5 HP Compressor with Tank

Paasche D3000R 1/5 HP Compressor with Tank

Pasha Airbrush offers multiple airbrush compressors and other accessories on Amazon. The D3000R is one of Pasha’s most popular and best-selling products out there, providing a compact design.

You get less than 1/5 horsepower piston compression unit in this airbrush compressor unit. It offers a maximum operating pressure range of 20-40 PSI, which may be sufficient for any moderate level of airbrushing. And despite its power, this air compressor is very lightweight and produces minimal surface noise during runtime.

This compressor also features auto shut-off to increase energy efficiency and overall efficiency. There is a moisture filter to prevent and protect this compressor from moisture-related problems.

Another great thing about this airbrush compressor is that it offers an adapter for BSP hoses for synchronization. Also, it has a 4/4 gallon storage capacity. And carrying handle movement ltd. Offers a great feature.


  • 1/5 Horsepower Piston compressor
  • ¾ gallon air tank
  • Auto turnoff
  • Noise level 47DB
  • One year company warranty


  • ¼ ‘ NPT hoes filtration
  • 1/8 BPS hoes adaptor
  • Carry handle
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7. ZENY Pro 1/5 HP Airbrush Air Compressor Airbrushing Kit

ZENY Pro 1/5 HP Airbrush Air Compressor Airbrushing Kit

If you are looking for budget airbrush compressors then Zeni Pro is another great option. As a result, you can expect decent power from this compressor for painting using an airbrush.

This Zeni Pro can go up to 57 PSI air pressure with its 1/5 horsepower compressor motor. And it can do this without lifting too hard because it only has a level of 59 dB. As a result, this silent airbrush compressor is very easy to use because it is also quite compact. Its PSI range is 0-57 PSI.

The massive 3-liter air tank allows you to use this compressor for long term airbrushing. You can also adjust the airflow and its dryness using the various gauges offered by this compressor. And the great thing about it is that it offers a 1-year warranty.


  • 1/5 Horse Power Compressor
  • Speed 1450/1750 RPM
  • Thermally protected automatically off/on
  • Lightweight
  • On-demand PSI up to 95
  • Air tank capacity 3 liter
  • Oil maintenance-free
  • One year warranty


  • One 6 fit hoes
  • Needful components
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8. Master Airbrush Multi-purpose Gravity Feed Dual-action Airbrush Kit

Master Airbrush Multi-purpose Gravity Feed Dual-action Airbrush Kit

We have another airbrush compressor model of the master airbrush in this article. And like the previous one, it’s a multipurpose kit. This product comes with all the essentials you need for a brush.

It ranks third in this article because you get a great airbrush with it called Airbrush G22. Airbrush G22 is a high-performance quality product that comes with 1/3 oz. Gravity fluid cup and a 0.3 mm fluid tip. The compressor itself comes with a 1/5 horsepower air compressor that has an air filtration and regulation system. You also find it easy to use the carry handle, 6 ‘Brett air hose, 1/5 single piston.

One of the great things about this airbrush compressor is that it comes with a 5-year warranty. In other words, it’s a reliable and sustainable choice out there. The affordable price of this compressor makes it an option for the money. Makes a great price.


  • One Model G22 0.3mm Fluid tip head
  • TC- 20 Compressor with 1/5 single piston
  • The Compressor operates at 59DB.
  • 0-59 PSI Adjustment
  • Automatic intelligence
  • One year warranty


  • A comprehensive booklet for the users
  • Compressor mounted airbrush holder
  • Air filter water tap
  • Pressure regulator
  • 6 feet Air hoes
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9. Iwata-Medea Studio Series Power Jet Pro Double Piston Air Compressor

Iwata-Medea Studio Series Power Jet Pro Double Piston Air Compressor

Iwata is one of the famous and reliable airbrush compressor manufacturers. Although it offers a wide variety of compressors, we are here with one of the premium options offered by Iwata.

The Iwata Airbrush Compressor ranks second in this article because it is a high-performance option. And yet, it offers excellent power performance. The oil-less piston of this airbrush compressor makes it a great option for many users and offers a 1/6 HP induction motor 1-70 PSI pressing capacity. You also get 5 gallons of space in this compressor which is enough for an airbrush.

It also offers excellent billing quality, which is expected at a given price. You get twin pressure gauges with moisture filters on the side of this compressor. And all of these things make it one of the best choices to brush.


  • 1/6 HP Induction Motor
  • 1 to 70 PSI Maximum pressure
  • 2 liter Air Storage Capacity
  • Dual regulator for pressure adjustment
  • Built-in Airbrush holders
  • Moisture Filter
  • Automatic shutdown system
  • Air on-demand capacity
  • Lesser running time
  • Noticeably quiet
  • Heat reduction technology


  • Needful adapters
  • ¼ BSP with 3M house
  • Power cord
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10. Master Airbrush Cool Runner II Dual Fan Air Compressor

Master Airbrush Cool Runner II Dual Fan Air Compressor

Master Airbrush Coal offers multiple airbrush compressor options. And Runner II Dual Fan Air Compressor comes with various accessories and provides a compact package.

The airbrush compressor is in the first position in this article because it is very quiet with good performance. It offers a range of 0-57 PSI air pressure adjustment. You also get a total of 3 airbrushes and 6 primary acrylic paints with this airbrush compressor. 1 / 5hp single-piston compressor is more than enough for your airbrush painting needs.

Due to the two cooling fans, it produces minimal surface heat while running for a wide interval. Also, the product model G22, model E91, and model G25 come with three of the company’s most successful airbrushes.

Although the motor of this airbrush compressor is decently powerful, it does not overheat at all. This is possible because it has two inbuilt cooling fans, which ensure that the compressor is not hot. And the compressor, as well as the accessories included, offers decent construction quality. Also, the company offers a five-year warranty.


  • Dual Airbrush Holder
  • Carry handle
  • Two built-in cooling fans
  • Pressure regulator with water trap filter
  • Five-year warranty


  • Airbrush resources center access card
  • Airbrush quick start user guide
  • Quick-release valve and plugs
  • Airbrush holders
  • Mixing cups and sticks
  • Cleaning brushes and Cleaning pots
  • Airbrush cleaner
  • Double-sided color mixing wheel and guide
  • Airbrush color chart and guide
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How to Choose an Air Brush Compressor?

The compressor is one of the main components of the airbrush. To get effective results, you need an airbrush with a primary compressor. Without the proper knowledge, it is difficult to know which airbrush compressor is right for your needs. Below, we provide detailed information to help you make the right choice.

1. Application Type

There are two types of airbrush compressors, including the diaphragm and piston compressors. Below is detailed information to help you make the right choice according to your needs.

  • Diaphragm Compressors

They are often called B-badger compressors. These models come with a plastering membrane that will compress the air. These compressors provide air pressure that can reach a maximum of 40psi. They can be perfect if you are using a single airbrush. You can use them to spray on small plastic models.

They do not come with air tanks. When they are running continuously, diaphragm compressors make noise. You should not use them permanently for a long time as they get too hot, which can cause damage.

  • Piston Compressors

It uses one or two types of pistons to suppress air. Compared to diaphragm compressors, they can compress a large amount of air. As it comes with multiple pistons, it can run multiple airbrushes. When they produce more air, they come with an air tank.

Compared to their counterparts, piston compressors are more efficient and powerful. The airbrush is very easy to attach or disconnect and can run permanently longer than the diaphragm compressor. Even when providing high performance, it will never get too hot. So, the life of the compressor is also long.

The air regulator has to be connected to a compressor to limit or control the air pressure, even reaching the air duct. Regulators are usually equipped with a moisture trap that filters particles as well as fluids.

When it comes to airbrush piston compressors, there are two types – oil-filled and oil-less pistons.

  • Oil Filled Pistons – They are quiet as the oil will act as a lubricant. If you don’t like noisy machines, then this is perfect. They are suitable for fine and illustrating art as they let you stay concentrated. The noise generated by these machines is much similar to that of refrigerators. An oil filter has to be placed between the filter and air hose to prevent any oil from going through the airbrush and get mixed up with paint. They require a bit of maintenance as they have to be checked or replaced once in a while.
  • Oil-closed Pistons – Though it is a bit noisy than oil-filled piston compressors, they are still much less noisy than diaphragm compressors. The main benefit of this compressor is that its maintenance is pretty much very low. They are perfect for body art, nail painting, and cake decorating.

How to Choose an Air Brush Compressor?

To find the best airbrush compressors, you need to consider a few factors. We have mentioned them below for your reference.

1. Application Type

It is important to choose an airbrush compressor based on your application type. For example, if you have to paint large areas, then a compressor with a tank is a better choice. With this option, you can have permanent pain for a long time without any intervention. When the tank is full, the motor will shut itself off and rest. If you choose a small tank low compressor and 0.6 mm nozzle for such heavy work, then this air cannot deliver regular flow which is essential to complete the work.

For small areas, compressors without a tank are enough to spray body paint, nails, spray cars, or even food coloring. A portable compressor capable of providing low air pressure is perfect. Compressors without tanks are also perfect for art and drawing as you may have to start and stop as needed.

To spray on textile T-shirts, you will need a compressor that provides at least a 40psi and equipped tank. When choosing a compressor for large projects, make sure to buy a large tank.

Below is a table representing a suitable compressor based on the application type.

Textile, shirts Small, tankless
Large areas, cars With tank
Spraying food color Tankless
Bodypaint Tankless

2. Tank Capacity

A compressor tank is responsible for eliminating any kind of cooling and accelerating the air to increase the efficiency of the moisture separator. Most small compressors do not come with a tank. However, some models have a tank with a capacity between 0.4l – 1l – 4l – 6l – 9l – 12l – 15l and can go up to 25l if used with an airbrush. If you can afford it, we recommend going with the tank to the compressor. The capacity of an airbrush compressor can determine how much power it has to run and operate at that time.

3. Thread Output or Motor

1/4 ”is the ideal output thread for tank based compressors. Suitable for 1/8 “small dry piston compressors. The size of the electric motor of the compressor may vary between brands. But most compressors use a 1/6 horsepower motor. According to US voltage, most compressors overheat. Will provide maximum pressure without.

4. Air Flow

This is determined by the amount of air in the compressor. Measurements are represented in CFM (cubic feet per minute) or liters per minute (LPM). Most compressors have an airflow capacity of between 20 and 50 pm. In other words, 0.70 to 1.76CFM.

A 20, 20lpm, or 0.70CFM compressor is the right choice for painting or hobby artists. They are also suitable for applications such as nails, make-up, and body. To complete large jobs, we recommend choosing a compressor with 30pm.

5. Airbrush Pressure

This represents the air pressure of the compressor, usually in PSI (pounds per inch). It is best to buy a compressor that will provide the required amount of air pressure for your application. For example, spraying a T-shirt may require much more pressure than spraying pressure air on the body or nails.

Compressors are generally rated according to CFM. You should check the CFM carefully when comparing compressors. A rating of 40 PSI will cost more than 100 or 175 PSI. The most important thing to remember when checking out is the supply of CFM under this pressure.

The pressure is not the best option as it usually depends on the project. If you were brushing the car, you may need a high pressure of 80 to 100psi to press the job faster.

6. Duty Cycle

This is determined by the amount of time the compressor is running before stopping the motor. This will allow you to avoid any kind of harm and improve your life. If the duty cycle of the compressor is 50%, you have to run it for 30 minutes and rest it for another 30 minutes to cool down. Be sure to check the duty cycle and airflow capacity as per your requirement.

Below is the basic formula to find out how much airflow capacity is required.

Required air volume x 1 / (duty cycle) = compressor CFM required

The duty cycle is usually given in the form of a percentage, which means that the compressor engine will run at that specific percentage, every hour of use. Be sure to continue with the compressor to improve its life expectancy. Below are some examples

  • 50% duty cycle = 30 minutes run-time per hour
  • 25% duty cycle = 15 minutes run-time per hour
  • 9% duty cycle = 5 minutes on and 55 minutes cool downtime per hour
  • 10% duty cycle = 6 minutes on and 54 minutes cool downtime per hour
  • 15% duty cycle = 9 minutes on and 51 minutes cool downtime per hour
  • 20% duty cycle = 12 minutes on and 48 minutes cool downtime per hour


7. Auto-Stop Function

This allows you to reset the compressor to stop working at specific air pressure. Once the air pressure drops below the specified pressure value, it will resume. This is a good feature as it will reduce the compressor running time and motor wear.

8. Hose Length

It is best to have a long hose so that you can reach all areas without any hindrance. The 4-foot long hose is suitable for adjustment in canvas and other small to medium works such as decorating food, make-up, and others. For full range coverage, such as a sprayer car, you may need a 10-foot long hose. Make sure to buy a compressor that comes with a hose that matches the project you are handling.

9. Power

Check the power output of the airbrush compressor to determine the control, runtime, and what can be done for it. 150 to 200 watts is the average amount of power used by an airbrush compressor. The higher the price of electricity, the more expensive it is.

10. Noise

When you are working on an art project at home or in a place where there will be crowds, then the noise level is an important factor to consider. In general, airbrush compressors make a lot of noise. It really depends on how much pressure is applied.

Noise levels are usually measured in decibels. An adequate airbrush compressor can reach 55 to 60 decibels. Airbrush compressors are more expensive than noisy models. So, choose carefully based on your needs.

11. Size and Weight

Typically, airbrush compressors weigh more than 10 pounds, attached to wheels, and carry handles. Some models are heavier and can be difficult to move around. Therefore, they can be stored in art studios and garages. Great for beginners with the portable and lightweight.

12. Value

You should check out the models that come at a good price and are still able to handle all the tasks. Bonus accessories are always worth having.

13. Reliability

As mentioned earlier, an airbrush compressor is a machine that has motors and pumps. Because of this, if you are using an unreliable airbrush compressor, it can cause problems over time. As such, you should consider buying airbrush compressors from reputable brands that offer a decent warranty policy as well as durable products.

14. Warranty and Durability

These are the basic factors that help you decide which model is best to invest in. Consider purchasing a model that comes with a warranty of at least 1 or 2 years. Longer-term, better product. Also, make sure that the model you choose is made of high-quality materials.

15. Other considerations

Some other key features to look for are built-in fans that have a high-power working engine for cooling, a cut-out option, thermal-safe engine components to reduce overall heat, reduce handles, and rubber feet. Are

16. Accessories

Because you will use your airbrush compressor for painting using an airbrush, many airbrush compressor units include a variety of accessories. And that includes airbrushes, paints, connecting pipes, and more. While you can purchase these accessories separately, they are easy to incorporate with your airbrush compressor. It also makes the airbrush compressor better value for money options for your painting needs.


Some Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to Connect Airbrush Hose to a Compressor?

To connect the airbrush hose to the airbrush compressor, you need an adapter. Some airbrush connectors come with their own adapters. However, in the future, you will have to buy one at some point.
Fortunately, they are readily available in many art or hardware stores. Before making a purchase, you should consider what type of adapter is suitable and what is the correct fitting. The wrong adapter often causes problems with airbrush pressure.

2. How much air pressure is required to operate an airbrush?

You can easily run a small airbrush up to 1 PS. However, it may not be suitable for thick medium or spraying. The ideal pressure for an airbrush is 10 PS or above as it will be applied directly to your medium without any interference or spaces. It is also perfect for fine art and special lines.

3. How to remove the moisture trap on the airbrush compressor?

When using an airbrush compressor, you will have some problems, especially when the pain dissolves in moisture. This common occurrence can cause discomfort as the bubble moves smoothly into the dirt. To solve this problem, you need to keep water away from the paint, especially acrylic. This is especially important when you are using it in a humid place because the humidity level in the environment is high.
Most airbrush compressors come with a moisture trap. However, if your model does not come with it, you may need to install it yourself. This can be done easily by opening the duct lid. If the moisture trap is already installed, then separate it directly.

4. What is the way to Add a Tank to an Airbrush Compressor?

Adding a tank to an airbrush compressor will increase its power and volume. You can insert the tank into a compressor that does not have one or add an existing tank to increase the volume. This simple process does not require any professional help and can be easily done at home. Adding another tank to the airbrush compressor is a great way to increase its efficiency without spending too much on new additions.
However, you need the right tools to add a new tank to your airbrush compressor. In addition to the extra tank, you will need a pair of brass, an adhesive, and a compressor hose.
Before installing any additional tanks or anything, we recommend removing the condensate and releasing the air from the airbrush compressor. This has to be done regularly to avoid any mold build-up.
When connecting to a new tank, you have to go through the valve. When adjusting the compressors, you need to make sure that everything is connected and clean. Don’t rush to get things done, instead spend some time on each step.

5. Is airbrushing safe?

The use of airbrushes is completely safe but we recommend avoiding pointing them out to the public. The paint will come in the form of an excellent spray that will not damage the skin or cause any injury. Most airbrushes come with a stop function automatically when high heat or dangerous pressure levels are reached. While the auto-stop can stop working progress, it’s a safety precaution to keep you and the airbrush safe.
The only danger to keep in mind when using an airbrush compressor is the risk of harmful chemicals from paint, oil, or ink. Therefore, we recommend a mask or breathing.

6. How can an airbrush be used?

There are many uses for airbrushes such as decorating a cake with makeup. They can be used for landscaping and photography. You can also use them for the wall design of cars and the living room. Sometimes, they can also be connected to your computer by airbrush images directly from your computer. However, this process may require a lot of setups.

7. What is the right way to clean the airbrush compressor?

There are probably two main parts to cleaning an airbrush compressor. Hose and airbrush attachments. If it is based on metal, the paint may rust or freeze if it has not been cleaned for a long time. Be sure to clean it immediately after using the fine brushes. This can be done using thin Chen. Even thin brushes can easily fit inside an airbrush. Picking and watering the brushes also makes them a little easier to clean, but metal components can be rusty. Some clean brushes can be broken and opened for thorough cleaning. Be sure to clean up maintenance tools as well.

8. What type of paint should I use for the airbrush?

Most people don’t use paint, but if you choose to use this color to paint your project, we recommend going with waterproof paints (for airbrush decoration). Watercolors can also be a great choice for canvas and a variety of variations.

9. Is it possible to use different paint types through the same brush?

Yes, it is possible to spray different types of paint with the same airbrush. However, make sure to clean the airbrush in the middle. However, using an airbrush usually does not apply thick paint such as oil. Because of the thick medium clots and stays on the inside of the brush.



You can use the airbrush for all kinds of art projects as a hobby or professional needs. But regardless of your needs and art projects, you need an airbrush compressor to use the airbrush. This means that you have to check the various things related to the compressor before buying it yourself.

So, in this article, we have mentioned some of the best brush compressors. You can find the key features and options of each brush compressor in this article, as well as a detailed shopping guide. But if you still can’t choose the best airbrush compressor for you, here are some of our recommendations:

  • If you want a small and compact airbrush compressor without paying a lot of money, then you can go with the COSSCCI Handheld Airbrush Kit. As per its name, it offers a unique design that allows you to easily airbrush without spending a lot of money.
  • On the other hand, the Master Airbrush Cool Runner II is one of the best options out there if you want a lot of accessories. It is a complete kit that includes everything that you will ever need for painting using an airbrush. And it is a great value for money option since it offers so many things without costing a lot of money.
  • But if you do not have any budget restrictions, then the Iwata Medea Studio airbrush compressor can also be great. While this option is a bit on the expensive side, it is surely highly powerful. And you get a highly reliable and durable product for your money.

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