The 15 Best Gaming Headsets Reviews 2021 and Buying Guide

Whether you’re a tough gamer or a casual player, you’ll need to use a premium-quality gaming headset to prevent annoying sounds from the video while playing. It provides a practical solution to all your gaming audio needs and allows you to enjoy the perfect gaming experience without disturbing the people around you. This headset definitely adds a sense of realism to the game and lets you interact with people. So, one has to keep these 3 key factors in mind while choosing a gaming headset, to get the best out of it.

Comfort – The headset should fit snugly over the head and allow you to stay comfortable while playing for long periods of time, but it should not have a bad fit that can cause physical discomfort, especially in the neck. It hurts Therefore, chooses a lighter headset than ear styling.

Design – It is classified into two types – open and closed. The open style headset has a small horizontal opening in the headset pad to provide proper ventilation to the ear. The enclosure has solid pads without any ventilation yet comes with adequate isolation.

Sound quality. There are two main types of sound features available. – Sound sounds and stereo. Here the stereo uses two distinct audio channels. One for the right ear and the other for the left, while the surrounding sound is for gaming. Attempts to use 8 channels (7.1) to provide a more filler sound screen. So, choose it according to your gaming needs.

When buying a gaming headset you want to know what other important factors to check. Then just look at the shopping guide below. Also, check out the list of gaming headset sellers below to reduce your shopping time.

Runmus Gaming Headset 50MM 20 Ohms Yes Check Price
Razer Gaming Headset 50MM 20 Ohms Yes Check Price
Beexcellent GM-1 Gaming Headset 50MM 32 Ohms Yes Check Price
Logitech Gaming Headset 40MM 39 Ohms Yes Check Price
VersionTech Gaming Headset 50MM 32 Ohms Yes Check Price
Bengoo V-4 Gaming Headset 50MM 20 Ohms Yes Check Price
Somic Gaming Headset 40MM 20 Ohms Yes Check Price
Jeecoo Gaming Headset 50MM 32 Ohms Yes Check Price
Combatwing Gaming Headset 50MM 32 Ohms Yes Check Price
EKSA Gaming Headset 50MM 32 Ohms Yes Check Price
Turtle Beach Gaming Headset 40MM 20 Ohms Yes Check Price
PeohZarr Gaming Headset 50MM 24 Ohms Yes Check Price
Sades Gaming Headset 50MM 32 Ohms Yes Check Price
Nivava Gaming Headset 50MM 32 Ohms Yes Check Price
Anivia Gaming Headset 50MM 20 Ohms Yes Check Price


1. Versiontech G2000 Gaming Headset

VersionTech Gaming Headset


Versatile’s G2000 has been the benchmark design of high-performance gaming headphones. It has a killer form factor, high stereo output quality, and a very comfortable fit. g2000 has been the most

Drivers: 50mm magnetic neodymium driver. Balanced bass and stereo with 32-ohm discharge.
Noise Profile: clear sound with noise isolated microphone

Connectivity: 3.5mm jack with port change. USB is available but for lighting only

Other Top Features

  • Universal compatibility through its multi-connectivity options but for old Xbox One needs  an additional adapter (not included in the box)
  • Immersive gaming experience through the 3D surround sound and responsive LED lighting through the headset.
  • Inline sound controls that let you control the mute and volume and so on.
  • Comfortable to wear around the ear cups as the material is a soft ventilated protein ear cushion that is good for a long time wearing for gaming.
  • 2.2 meters long military grade braided cable that is durable and can position the audio controls to your ease.
  • 120 degrees rotatable microphone that can be retractable back to the top when not using.

Warranty: 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase

  • Comfortable to wear for very long durations of time
  • Versatile design
  • Good stereo output
  • Need to improve product quality
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2. Kotion Wired Gaming Headset



After the headset in the wired gaming headset section, the highly preferred and desired Cushion G7500 comes with a standard killer design and an aesthetic shape with high performance but at very reasonable prices.

Sound Profile: Comes with high precision 50 mm neodymium driver which is capable of clear sound and fields

Noise Profile: ambient noise isolation technology

Connectivity: 3.5mm connected jack which is suitable for almost any computing device with mobile, PC, and audio jack. For LED lighting but it also has a USB plug.

Other features:

  • Universally compatible set of economically priced headsets. (they cannot be directly connected to the old Xbox one controller. Needs an adapter for that)
  • Glaringly cool looking LED lightings around the earcups and over the head. They illuminate in sync with the game movements.
  • The rotary style in line volume control buttons. The panel also has a single key microphone mute too.
  • Professional looking headset with earcups having skin-friendly leather material. for the earmuff over-ear pads.
  • Omnidirectional microphone with ambient noise isolation
  • 2.1 meters long braided cable with superior durability
  • Y splitter audio for better connectivity to other devices as well

Warranty: N.A

  • One of the best seeling budget friendly gaming headsets
  • Great audio output
  • Light in weight that does not weigh in on your head if using for long durations
  • No warranty specifications
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3. Micolindun Gaming Headset

Micolindun Gaming Headset


At the bottom of our list is the Michelle Gaming Headset that comes with an interesting design and an equally interesting price tag.

Drivers: 50mm large driver units that emphasize performance and stereo sound
Noise Profile: Active direction noise rejection

Connectivity: A 3.5mm jack and a USB plug are provided for audio and mic, but they are for LED lights.

Other Top Features

  • Audio and stereo settings tuned for pro gaming
  • Crystal clear and deep bass sound effects for an immersive gaming experience.
  • Omnidirectional microphone with great noise cancellation that removes any ambient noises from the background
  • Compatible with almost all gaming rigs without any driver’s software and also has a couple of adapters included in the packaging. Xbox One controller may need an adapter.
  • Super Light in weight design with a comfortable headband. Low pressure on the head and does not heat up or be uncomfortable in any format.
  • The headband can be adjusted to suit different head sizes as well.

Warranty: 6 Months of manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.

  • Cool RGB LED lightings on the side
  • Neat performance and cool design
  • Light in weight
  • Affordable
  • Needs to increase the plastic’s durability
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4. Turtle Beach Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Gaming Headset


The Turtle Beach Air Force Stealth 450 is the first fully wireless PC gaming headset on our list. It comes with a 7.1 DTS surround sound and hill design.

Drivers: 50mm driver that gives you crisp and loud thunder

Connectivity: Bluetooth is connected and it has a 7.1 sound card which is supported by USB.

Other Top Features

  • Crystal clear audio without any interference with the Bluetooth connectivity
  • The 7.1 surround sound card USB converts the headphone into a DTS headphone and gives you an immersive sound output.
  • Audio presets that have been programmed to give you a competitive hearing advantage like hearing of the enemy footsteps before the visual occurs.
  • Can personalize and customize the audio preferences with the DTS surround sound modes and EQ Audio presets button on the side of the headset
  • 15 hours of battery life per charge gives you long gaming hours without needing to go for a recharge

Warranty: only 90 days from the date of purchase

  • Truly wireless gaming experience with a 7.1 surround DTS sounds
  • Very light in weight
  • Long battery life
  • Low warranty period
  • Pricing
  • Could have improved on the comfort factors such as the head and ear cup cushions
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5. HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset


Kingston’s other HyperX product, the HyperX Cloud Stinger, is a premium gaming headset that comes with a signature HyperX memory foam that is easy on the ears.

Driver: 50mm directional drivers that give precise audio output

Noise Profile: Swivel to mute noise cancellation feature
Connectivity: 3.5mm jack but can also be purchased with a different 7.1 USB adapter.

Other Top Features

  • Light in weight and incredible to wear and use
  • The earcups can rotate to 90 Degrees for better comfort and ergonomics
  • The signature HyperX memory foam and the adjustable steel slider add to the comfort factors.
  • Intuitive Volume control that is present near the headset’s ear cup
  • Simple mute option by swiveling the microphone to the top when not using and the mic is muted automatically
  • Multi platform compatibility with the 3.5 mm jack and also the 7.1 surround USB additional combo (that needs to be bought seperately)

Warranty: 2 Years of limited manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase

  • Easy going on the ear
  • Super comfortable
  • Long warranty
  • Also available in a bluetooth wireless version as well
  • Needs to work towards improving the output audio quality
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6. Runmus Stereo Gaming Headset

Runmus Gaming Headset


This list includes another RNUMS product, the RNUMS stereo gaming headset with all the features of the previous RNUMS headset and the same price range. This headset comes with ergonomic head cushions and speaker ends.

Drivers: 50mm audio driver with advanced audio technology for deep play.

Noise Profile: Anti-static noise cancellation.

Connectivity: USB and 3.5mm jack

Other Top Features:

  • The anti-static noise microphone that the headphone uses can cancel out any ambient background noise around you and give you a no delay real-in-time talking
  • True surround sound effect with large drivers that simulate the surround sound and give an immersive gaming experience
  • Ergonomic design with the cushioned head area
  • Ear Cups are made out of bionic protein cushion coat for gentle treatment of the ears
  • Light in weight that compliments the head and can be worn for long durations of time.
  • Compatible with almost all platforms thanks to the USB and Audio jack that the headset comes with.

Warranty: 1 year of manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase

  • Light in weight and easy to place on the head
  • Ergonomic design for great comfort
  • Nice noise cancellation
  • RGB LED Lighting features are also present.
  • None too specific to mention
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7. Mpow EG3 Pro Gaming Headset



At the top of our list is the MPOEG3, a gaming headset that supports large drivers and 3D surround sound. The open-end frame and metal finish give the headphones a retro and yet appealing look.

Drivers: 50mm speaker drivers that provide punch bass

Noise Profile: active noise cancellation

Connectivity: The 3.5mm jack and USB plug that comes with it are for LED lighting and not for the headset.

Other Top Features:

  • The upgraded model provides aural awareness and great sound detailing
  • Compatible with almost all types of gaming rigs with its 3.6 mm jack
  • LED Lighting with a separate USB Plug for it
  • Durable built quality with its aluminum material build.
  • A suspended headband that fits perfectly on the head without any discomfort
  • Thickened memory foam based cushions for the earcups that are comfortable for long durations of wearing.
  • The microphone reduces any background ambient noises and provides clear audio.
  • In line audio controls with the braided wire for easy volume control and others

Warranty: 2 Years of manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase

  • Simple and durable build and design
  • Comfortable for wear
  • Rich in bass
  • Good warranty
  • Could improve in the audio quality a little
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8. Sades SA902 Gaming Headset

Sades SA902 Gaming Headset


The SADS SA902 is a very powerful, professional-grade stereo compared to the Air Gaming headset with USB connectivity. It is one of the few high-quality headsets with a 7.1 channel virtual surround and its dedicated control switch is remarkable and useful.

Sound Profile: The 7.1 channel virtual stereo surround sound comes with a state-of-the-art magnetic neodymium driver.

Noise Profile: Omni-directional noise inside the microphone – cancellation.

Connectivity: USB cable port-based connectivity. Does not support mobile devices

Other Features

  • Compatible with most of the gaming consoles, PCs, Macs, Laptops for any operating system and also with any device with a USB based input port. But is not compatible with smartphones, Xbox, or Playstation consoles.
  • The omnidirectional noise-canceling microphone is easy to rotate for a clear voice pick up. It has 160 degrees swivel thus it can go sideways too.
  • Smart volume control and mute button in the line of the mic
  • Easy setup and use.
  • Comfortable to wear for longer durations thanks to the memory foam cushioned ear cup covers. Covers entire ears.
  • Superior audio output quality

Warranty: No warranty specified for the product

  • Great performance
  • Professional build quality
  • Good audio output
  • Comfortable wear
  • No warranty
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9. Be excellent Gaming Headset

Be excellent Gaming Headset


Be excellent is a pair of high-quality gaming headsets with a high LED lighting scheme. The side pads of the headset have a visually appealing design and the stereo is of high competitive grade and comfortable to wear.

Sound Profile: random size high precision magnetic neodymium driver.

Noise Profile: Active and flexible noise-canceling boom microphone that eliminates background noise through filtration.

Connectivity: 3.5mm jack and multi-system compliant. USB cable is available for lighting.

Other Features:

  • The headband is made out of highly durable ABS plastic and Tungsten Steel that is highly flexible. You can easily twist it but it does not break very easily.
  • Immersive 3D surround sound that has a good audio capture and replication with great detailing. Super popular for games such as Fortnight, CS GO, PUBG, and other battle royale games.
  • 360 degrees soundscape that adds on to create a surreal gaming experience with crystal clear audio.
  • Adjustable headband and light in weight (about 0.95 lbs) thus do not weigh on you if you are to wear it for very long durations.
  • Furthermore, the earcups are ergonomically designed and the earmuff has soft memory foam.
  • 120 degrees flexible noise-cancellation microphone
  • Multi device compatible but for old XBox One, you need an additional controller
  • Keluodine fiber and OFCN4 build quality ultra strong braided cable

Warranty: 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase and email based customer support available

  • Great design
  • Built for competing
  • Comfortable wear
  • Great stereo quality
  • Drivers not specified
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10. Arkartech G2000 Gaming Headset

Arkartech G2000 Gaming Headset


The Arctic G2000 is a universal synchronous stereo headphone with lightweight in terms of running style and weight. At the high performance, the Archer Tech Gaming Headset comes with a reversible mic and high noise cancellation technology. This model has a design and is also the name of the similarity between the Verizon H Cushion G2000 gaming headset.

Drivers: 50mm large neodymium magnetic driver with 32-ohm impedance. Also great for stereo and balanced bass
Noise Profile: Noise cancellation

Connectivity: Comes with a 3.5 mm jack and can also be plugged in via USB (USB is for lighting only)

Other Top Features

  • 90 degrees retractable microphone with high-quality noise cancellation
  • Cool LED Lighting powered through USB
  • 2.2 meters long knitted braid cable that is tangle free and durable
  • Has a 3D surround sound that gives you an immersive in-game experience through its superior audio reproduction quality
  • The Y Type adapter that comes with the headphone makes it useful for any type of gaming consoles ranging from PC to Playstation, Nintendo, Laptops, Tabs, mobiles, macs and others as well. (Old XBox One needs a seperate microsoft adapter which is not included in the packaging)
  • Soft cushioning by the ears that give you longer gaming time without causing any discomfort

Warranty: 1 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase

  • Comfortable wear
  • Universal compatibility
  • Cool design and attractive color schema
  • Light in weight
  • None specific to talk about
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11. HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset


The HyperX Cloud 2 gaming headset comes from Kingston’s signature line of computers and gaming accessories. It’s a circular headset that makes you feel like a DJ but it’s made for gaming. It has the comfort level of a Pro Gaming headset and is an element that is light and convenient.

Drivers: Ultra-large driver of 53 mm size made of neodymium magnet

Noise Profile: dynamic noise and echo cancellation via inline sound card.

Connectivity: mm. mm mm jack and it also has an advanced USB sound card

Other Top Features:

  • Great 7.1 virtual surround sound thanks to the large 53 mm drivers and the USB Sound card customization
  • The noise cancellation can attenuate a high approximate of 20 dBA ambient noise attenuation
  • Earpads are padded with memory foam and also an extra set of velour ear pads are provided for better and longer durational comfort.
  • Digitally enhanced and detachable AGC microphone which is padded at one end and is multi-directional
  • The microphone is TeamSpeak certified and optimized for voice chat

Warranty: 2 Years of manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.

  • Lightweight and durable aluminum frame design
  • Incredible audio output
  • Superior microphone
  • Comfortable to wear for long durations of time.
  • The Kingston trust
  • Incompatible with PS3 and Xbox 360 gaming systems.
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12. Jeecoo USB Pro Gaming Headset

Jeecoo Gaming Headset


The Jako USB Pro Gaming Headset has the same color scheme and exterior design as the Roger Kraken, except that it doesn’t have the internal head padding like the Kraken Roger headphones.

Drivers: 50mm neodymium magnetic speaker unit.

Noise Profile: UNI directional microphone with active noise cancellation.

Connectivity: USB audio sound card.

Other Top Features:

  • Great Neodymium magnetic speaker driver unit that has excellent audio output but you’d have to separately download the driver software from their website. This might prove incompatible with certain consoles.
  • 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound system with detailing sound effects for an immersive gaming experience.
  • Easy switch microphone with a customized unidirectional microphone that is sensitive to even the smallest of the ambient noises.
  • Inline controller for output volume and microphone volume as well.
  • LED Light on the sides also can be turned on and off.
  • The clip lets you attach the wire to your shirt or T-Shirt for ease of use.
  • The adjustable metal headband with the microphone having a flexible form factor.
  • Soft and very comfortable earmuffs with thick memory foam cushioning that is comfortable for long gaming sessions

Warranty: Non-specified exclusively but may have a 9 month warranty period from the date of purchase.

  • Great fit for audio system
  • Ambient noise cancellation
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Warranty could be specified better
  • Some gaming rigs might have issues with the drivers software
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13. Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

Razer Kraken Gaming Headset


A simple no-nonsense design based on the 7.1 surrounds sound gaming headset, the Roger Crackin impresses you with its extreme light in the weighted aluminum framework. For 2017 and 2019, it has been named the number one gaming peripherals in the United States by the NPD Group.

Drivers: Large 50-meter drivers are custom-made.

Noise Profile: Cardiode microphone that reduces background and provides noise isolation.

Connectivity: 3.5mm jack

Other Top Features:

  • The retractable microphone also counters the noise with ambient noises and gives you crystal clear communication
  • 7.1 stereo surround sound system for positional audio. The surround sound is software-enabled but that update is only available for Windows 10 and that too for the 64 bit.
  • Oval shaped design with the head cushions coming with an infusion of cooling gel cushions.
  • The cushions have indents for glasses and thus prevent any overheating or pressure build-up. Great for wearing long durations of gaming marathons.
  • Analog volume control that is present in the line of the braided headphone cable
  • Made out of bauxite aluminum that is durable, strong, and light in weight. The frame is easily flexible and does not break easily and lasts for a long time.

Warranty: One year of manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.

  • Simple and elegant long lasting design
  • Available in a total of 7 colours
  • Whacky cat ear design option also available
  • Affordable pricing
  • None too specific to mention
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14. Bengoo G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset

Bengoo G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset


Next on our list, its performance is brightly colored and stunning, Bingo G9000 stereo gaming headsets steal the show with their visually charming design and killer look.

Drivers: Sound positioning precision enhancement in 40mm neodymium magnetic drivers with speaker unit.

Noise Profile: embedded with Omni-directional microphone speakers with noise isolated cum noise.

Connectivity: 3.5mm jack

Other Top Features:

  • Compatible with multiple platforms ranging from PlayStation to the all-new Xbox One, PC, Nintendo 3DS, Switch, and many more. For the Old Xbox One controller, you might need a Microsoft adapter which is not included in the packaging.
  • Omnidirectional microphone
  • Stereo Surround sound with subwoofer and great noise isolation and cancellation features. Very sensitive in its functioning and operation.
  • Rich in bass and gives the users a vivid sound field with ultra-clear sound clarity and an ambient audio experience. Greatly influential in getting an immersive gaming experience in games like Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront, Overwatch, etc.,
  • Super comfortable wear style and design. The material has excellent air permeability around the over-ear pads and the multi-point head beams are designed to help you wear it for hours together without any discomfort
  • 49 inches long highly durable cable with an incredible tensile strength that has a braided USB cable with anti-winding.
  • Easy volume control keys with one key mute

Warranty: one year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase and hassle free replacements as well.

  • Super affordable and very much pocket friendly
  • Great aesthetical design
  • Comfortable wear
  • Available in 5 different colours of choice
  • Superior sound quality
  • Super cool LED lighting to the sides
  • Sometimes has slight compatibility issues
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15. Runmus Gaming Headset

Runmus Gaming Headset


The first on our list is the Runes Gaming headset that comes with a 7.1 surround stereo. The headphones come with an excellent color scheme and a premium feel and overall long-lasting performance.

Drivers: 50mm drivers that can pack the surrounding sound and give you an enchanting sound experience.

Noise Profile: Noise cancellation

Connectivity: USB and 3.5mm jack

Other Top Features:

  • High drivers give you a great sound experience that lets you get the most out of games such as PubG, Fortnite, CS GO, or other open-world games such as God of War.
  • Compatible with multiple platforms from PC to PS4 Controller, Xbox One controller (which might need an adapter), Nintendo 3DS, DS and 3DS LL, Nintendo Switch, and others too.
  • 3.5 mm jack that can be used for mobile phones as well.
  • Ergonomic design that is comfortable to wear for hours together.
  • Premium build material that feels good and not so itchy when you are wearing it
  • The highly durable cable does not break so easily.
  • LED Light on either sides that adds on to the aesthetic value of the headset
  • Neat and ergonomic microphone placement

Warranty: 1 year of manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase

  • Super affordable pricing
  • Great build and great durability
  • Aesthetically pleasing look
  • Incredible reviews and ratings
  • None too specific to mention
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Buying Guide: How To Pick The Right and Perfect Gaming Headsets

A great gaming headset is a great alternative for a good pair of speakers, as the headset allows you to play games late at night without disturbing your roommates. It will highlight important sounds, and provide great music while playing. It lets you customize the sound screen you need to perform a variety of applications, and communicate with teammates and like-minded people using a high-quality microphone/mic.

Therefore, to get the best headset that meets all your gaming needs, you have to consider the following factors before searching the market to buy your best gaming headset.

1. Comfort:

The headset should fit snugly on the head and thus allow you to relax while playing longer, but it should not be a bad fit that can cause physical discomfort (especially neck pain). ۔ Also, it will not really focus on the scents but it will make you sweat, heat and friction will build up over time and thus cause discomfort.

Even a little extra weight in the wrong place will increase the neck pain and the slight pressure of the headset will cause swelling in the ears or a headache. Therefore, it is important to consider comfort when choosing a gaming headset. The lighter headset is more comfortable than the heavier headset, causing discomfort to the skull, neck, and ears regardless of the headset cushions.

In general, there are 3 major gaming headset styles – headphones that rest in the ear, headsets fit around the ear, and headsets surround your entire ear. However, there is no perfect style that is best suited because everyone has their own personal preference. Also, try different styles of headsets before buying.

2. Gaming Headset Design:

In general, gaming headset designs will be classified into two categories. Open or closed In the opening style of a headset, one can see a small horizontal opening notice in one’s headset pad while there are solid pads in closed style. Therefore, before choosing a closed or open design, you should know how much isolation you need for your gaming.

A headset with an open design will provide adequate ventilation to the ears and thus help keep them dry even if you hear a slight noise around you. The enclosure comes with a solid cup around the speaker and will sacrifice ventilation for proper isolation and thus you will not be allowed to hear sounds from your surroundings.

Most of the competitors will prefer to choose this closed design so that they can get the edge while casual gamers will prefer this open design as they can still hear the surroundings.

3. Isolation:

The sealing quality of the headset will definitely affect the sound quality. Poor loneliness will change the way you listen and what you hear. These isolated sports and headsets ltd. Required to have audio signals. Therefore, one has to check the material and size of the headset padding as well as the quality of the seal. In this case, if the headset padding foam will not make an effective seal, just adjust the shape of the head.

If the pad is not large enough to fit around the ear, then find a large pair of headphones or replace the inkpad with a larger pad. If you wear glasses, then consider buying a velor pad for the headset, or at least a headset with glasses channels in the hair pad. Without them, you could miss a lot of bosses. For more information, take a look at the chart below to compare frequency responses.


4. Sound Quality:

A good quality headset allows you to have a more enjoyable and lost gaming experience. So, when you start researching the sound quality of the headset, you will be left at the crossroads, unable to choose between the stereo or the surrounding sounds. Here the stereo uses two distinct audio channels. One for the right ear and the other for the left, while the surrounding sound gaming channels try to use 8 channels to give a full sound.

Surround Sound:

  • It is a quite common feature in most gaming headsets depending on the style of game you prefer to play.
  • Won’t get confused with 3D sounds, this headset sound quality offers up to 360-degree soundscape with multiple speakers covering each ear.
  • For instance, if you hear something coming from your behind to left then you will hear the sound from those directions, this makes your gaming as most entertainment like you’re in a cinema.
  • Perfect surround sound should have enough space and directional speakers to provide the effect in the room but the headset won’t have the required space.
  • To cope with this lack of space, some manufacturers created virtually surround to provide the same effect of surround sound with only two speakers.
  • The virtual surround will sound good but not as accurate as true surround sounds. The poor audio quality is due to excessive sound manipulation.
  • While comparing the audio, the positional surround audio is more accurate than virtual sound, as the quality of audio/sound needs to have more speakers in the same space.

Stereo Sound:

  • This stereo sound has been used for a long time with the idea of having separate channels for right and left ears.
  • It has an advantage that the quality of the sound is not altered and its speakers are larger because of its lack of required surround.
  • Most of the gamers who use this headset won’t have any concern to know where the footstep is coming from at that moment.
  • Although, the best quality stereo headset will allow you to hear something from behind smart audio programming will definitely provide a decent sound quality / clear audio than a surround headset.

5. Wired or Wireless:

Whether you choose a wired or wireless type of connection for the headset, you need to consider the professional adaptation of these two connections.

Wired Headset Connection:

It uses cables to connect any synced source headset to USB ports or 3.5mm jacks.
It is available with various features and many options.
They provide better audio quality and are cheaper and lighter than wireless models.
Easy to set up and use as a plugin without worrying about battery or charge.
They have some drawbacks such as a high risk of damage or breakage due to cables and limitation of movement.
Most PC gamers prefer to use a wired headset because they are close to the area where you want to plug the headset.

Wireless Headset Connection:

It has no physical wired connection between the receiver and the audio source, but it uses either a wireless USB dongle or Bluetooth technology to connect.
It has a wide range and anyone can easily use this headset from any position while gaming with this restriction.
This headset comes with better cross-platform compatibility, as they work with any device or console that supports wireless standards.
Improving the battery life of this wireless gaming headset is easy to use.
It has some drawbacks, such as the battery being charged every time it is used, and these wired headsets are more expensive and heavier than the connection.
Most console gamers prefer to use this wireless headset, as the console often stays 10 feet or more away from the sofa instead of having a wired cable-like length.

6. Compatibility:

The platform you are using should be kept in mind before buying a high-quality gaming headset. For example, if you are using a PC player, then you need to check that your headset is compatible with the PC. Similarly, you should check the compatibility of the headset on your device. Some high-end models (with a 3.5mm audio jack) can run on all platforms like Windows PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 / PS4 or Xbox One, Mobile, Nintendo Switch, etc. But these models Cost is more than one that supports the same platform…

Some headset models come with both Bluetooth and analog connections that allow you to perform other tasks on the platform as well as enjoy the game sound. For example, use the Nintendo Switch to enjoy game sounds while chatting with your friends on Nintendo’s separate Switch online phone app. Some PC-based headsets use USB to connect to a computer, while other models have an optional USB dongle with volume control buttons. Some features like headphones and Dolby Atos can be used for Windows Sonic when gaming on Windows 10 or Xbox One, even enjoying virtual sound using a stereo headset.

7. Connection Type:

Before buying a headset, you need to know the type of connection and the platform that you can use for gaming. Are using If not, you still have an incompatible headset for your console or PC. There are many types of contacts available. A standard 3.5mm, dual 3.5mm, Bluetooth, wireless USB, and wired USB.

If you are using PS4, you will not stumble upon any communication issue. If you are using a PC for gaming then you will need to install software or additional drivers to access the surround sound or EQ settings. Be sure to use compatibility again when searching for a USB headset on the PS4, which is clearly mentioned in its box.

If you want to choose a wireless USB headset for Xbox One support, you have to test its compatibility, as the new Xbox controllers come with jacks for standard 3.5mm headsets while the old ones have Microsoft 3.5 You have to buy a millimeter headset adapter. Most USB wireless models are compatible with PC and PS4 and Xbox One (in some cases). The Bluetooth headset will support various platforms such as PS4, PC, mobile device, and PS Vita.


PlayStation 4
(compatible with)
Yes Yes Yes No
Windows PC Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nintendo Switch Yes Yes Yes No
Xbox One No Yes No No
Nintendo 3DS No Yes No No
Wii U No Yes No No
PlayStation Vita Yes Yes No No
Tablets Yes Yes No No
Smartphones Yes Yes No No


8. Active Noise Cancellation:

This active noise cancellation is a handy feature to consider when purchasing a gaming headset. Typically, an external microphone is used to reverse and cancel out any external noise. That way, dynamic noise cancellation can be included in the game and prepare you to avoid external disturbances. Therefore, choosing a headset with this feature is important, especially if you are playing in a fast-paced environment and do not want to talk to the TV volume or friends/family around you.

9. Build Quality:

Most of these gaming headsets are made of plastic. Therefore, it’s ideal to find a strong and durable headset, which is made of wire frame or metal. Also, make a choice that comes with plenty of mobility.

If you choose a headset made with cheap or brittle plastic, you can push harder and harder with a little bit of pressure or tension. So, choose a metal skeleton headset instead of plastic, especially if you are an emotional gamer.

  • Headband and Earcups Materials:

It is important to consider the materials used to make the headbands and earcups. Leather mining is more comfortable and stylish to wear. In that case, if your ears are at risk of sweating, then simply use spongy air cups to let the air flow in and make you comfortable. Make sure you don’t feel comfortable wearing low-class models.

Always choose a headband that is comfortable (such as bold) to rest on your head for longer but not crushing the scalp. One has to think twice before thinking about buying a metal or plastic headband without padding, as it means comfortable scarves.

  • Gaming Headsets with Glasses:

If you are wearing glasses, then you have to choose a gaming headset that uses glass compatible technology without putting any pressure on the glass frames.

10. Mic Considerations:

Most gamers often overlook the microphone (mic) but it is important to consider this when buying the best headset for your sport.

For starters, gaming headsets will not be attached to the recording standard to find a microphone. The headset can compete in the bass range of the mic frequency spectrum, allowing people with a low voice. This mic doesn’t get that much power even with a given connection (like 3.5mm or USB) and as a result produces a slightly quieter sound. If you’re talking to a console or a conflicting voice chat, this can be easily resolved.

In that case, if you are using a normal pair of headsets then it is worth looking at the headset with some removable microphones. Are you a homebound gamer with little consideration? Then make sure the microphones have the proper adjustment and adjustment by an inch or two, which will make a big difference in their sound quality.

Typically, the gaming headset comes with either a one-way or non-directional boom mic. Mixes moving from all directions will be able to receive sounds from all directions, while non-directional mixes will receive sounds from the same direction. Choose the headset you need.

11. Durability:

One has to look at the build quality and construction materials of the headset to know about its durability. So, instead of investing in a headset that comes with thin cables, cheap plastic parts, or attachment points, because they look weak and fall off easily. It’s best to go with a strong built-in headset with strong cables and high-quality earphones. Also, try earphones with different types of audio to check their performance.

Before you buy a headset, you can search for reviews from others who have been using the headset for a long time. Most people think that the best brands will provide gaming headsets with the best quality and durability that can last longer.

12. Spare Parts:

Even a good gaming headset can be damaged due to technical advantages, poor maintenance, natural wear and tear, and improper exploitation, which affects the gaming headset. This can result in either being broken, damaged, or lost.

So, to reuse the gaming headset, you have to find an alternative to this broken part. Choose a headset from its manufacturer that sends replacement parts (or) to at least their spare parts sold separately.

13. Weight:

In general, lightweight headsets are comfortable to wear for longer. This does not mean that a heavy one is not suitable but trapped sweat, heat, and friction can develop over time and cause discomfort, and thus you have discomfort in the neck. Therefore, it is ideal to choose a lightweight headset that is durable with high-quality materials.

A perfect headset would be lightweight, comfortable with thick yet soft padding, it would have a flexible headband, and finally, the air cups would fit all over the ear. So, before making a purchase, you should try the gaming headset for at least 20-30 minutes for your best choice.

14. Brand:

Branded gaming headsets come with a higher price, as manufacturers pay a higher price to the customer in MSRP. Most people think that branded products come with the best quality but this may not be the case in all cases. If you are obsessed with the budget then just go with the unbranded version of the gaming headset, which is made of good quality material and costs less than a brand.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Why the 7.1 surround sound is essential?

Gaming headsets will be able to purchase this in-depth quality of 7.1 surround sound to get a great sounding experience. This will make the gaming soundtrack perform better than before. Therefore, in most high-end gaming headset models, this 7.1 surround sound is preferred over any high-end standalone speaker.

2. How much shall we spend on gaming headsets?
Headsets with more advanced features will cost more. Anyone can find a good quality headset in the price range of 50 – $ 100, in which the user has to check the features that are essential for their gaming headset. If you are about price and want to choose the best gaming headset within your budget then just look at the above-mentioned products and make your best choice.

3. How these gaming headsets look?
Gaming headsets come with a microphone attached to them, just like normal headphones. Some models look like alien ships are sunk on the ship’s head, while others come in wild colors, colorful LEDs, strange angular designs, etc. But you have to be careful when choosing a headset, which you can use in public. Wear This does not mean that you have to wear a detachable mic, but it does mean that you have to use design indicators for best results and attractive looks.

4. Which style of the headset is best – Over the head vs In-ear?
However, it is a personal preference to choose an in-ear or overhead gaming headset. In terms of comfort and speaker size, overhead styling would be a better option than in-ear styling. So, with this tiny faulty speaker, anyone has to go to great lengths to find a set of these style headphones anywhere.


The Runtimes Gaming Headset comes with 50mm drivers, a 7.1 surround stereo, noisy drill and it’s compatible with most gaming rigs. Its USB and 3.5mm audio jack make it extremely easy to use on almost any rig. Plus, it’s durable and has a 1-year warranty, making it one of the best gaming headsets to buy.

While this was our list, we’re interested in hearing from you. Have we lost anything? Do you want us to add or remove something from the list? Do you have any questions for us? If so, feel free to write to us in the comments section below and our team will write to you as soon as possible.

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