Top 15 Best Breadboard Kits for Beginners

Many electronic projects include a special device called a breadboard that helps connect the peripherals or circuits.

It is a basic element for electrical and electronic engineering students and is mostly used as lab equipment in colleges and universities. They are reasonably priced and allow you to perform multiple tasks with great understanding.

When you buy a breadboard, you should consider factors such as project budget, space allocation, and brand to choose from.

We’ve spent hours researching different bad boards and get you the top 15 among all the breadboards available in the e-market or online sources.

This will definitely be a great start for teenagers or engineering students to learn basic electronic components and circuit design.

Try these 15 breeder board kits with all the latest features with high-quality performance.

Let’s begin!

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1. 6 solderless breadboard kit with jumper wires (75-M/M)

6 solderless breadboard kit with jumper wires (75-M/M)

This amazing kit has six pieces of breadboard and jumper wires. Make it easy to have the circuit connection on the breadboard according to the needs of your project. This is an excellent design for Ardenov projects that can be applied in electronic applications without soldering.

75 pieces of M / M jumper wires are available in green, white, black, yellow, red and orange. The Solderless Breadboard Kit includes the following features:

For 400/830-points breadboard

  • White color board
  • Voltage is 5-15 V
  • 1A current
  • Made with ABS plastic and phosphor material

For mini breadboard with 170-pins

  • Available colors black (1), white (1), blue (1), and yellow (1)
  • Size 1.77*1.38*0.33-inches or 4.5*3.5*0.85mm
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2. Elenco 9440 breadboard with 350 jumper wire set kit

Elenco 9440 breadboard with 350 jumper wire set kit

The jumper wire set is attached to the 12 compartments in a transparent case. It has a hand guide that allows users to understand basic electronic concepts and learn design projects from a perspective.

Breadboard dimensions are 8.25 * 9.5 cm long and 20 cm jumper wires are available in black, red, green, and yellow bound lines.

This Elenco breadboard item includes:

  • Breadboard with 3220 point set and
  • 350-jumper wire set
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3. Microtivity IB401 400-point experiment breadboard

Microtivity IB401 400-point experiment breadboard

Breadboards and jumper wires make them ideal for designing and testing electronic components without soldering. Perfect for new learners and enthusiasts, it is perfect for experiencing basic electronic concepts.

All parts of the hardware can be easily inserted and taken out. A white breadboard has a 400-point standard pitch with yellow-skinned tape with 84 x 55 mm and 20 mm / m jumper wires in 400 dimensions for creating your own DIY projects.

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4. TEKTRUM Solderless plug-in breadboard kit

TEKTRUM Solderless plug-in breadboard kit

A solderless breadboard kit is best for prototyping electrical and electronic circuits. It works well for both raspberry pie and Arduino board. It has a 3220 pin breadboard with 100 point distribution strips and 14 power rails and 65 M / M jumper wires of different colors and lengths.

A standard pitch is provided for easy mounting, aluminum backplates, alloy pins, and electrical connectors for high quality. To understand the connection, a white plastic body is presented with printed rows and columns. It allows you to perform specific tasks on the breadboard in all areas of electronic design applications.

The Tektrum Breadboard Kit includes only 2 components, such as:

  • Solderless 3220-points breadboard  with dimensions (7.25*7.5*0.3 inches)
  • 65 M/M jumper wires (1)
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5. SunFounder breadboard kit RAB holder, 830-points solderless breadboard

SunFounder breadboard kit RAB holder, 830-points solderless breadboard

The 830-point breadboard includes 100-point distribution strips and 4 electric railings, as well as an area of ​​630 points. You can have raspberry pie, Arduino, and bread board for entertainment.

To build such exciting circuits or projects, they need to be easily connected to the control board. The kit also has LEDs and resistors. M / M jumper wires are available in different colors like red, blue, and yellow size 20 mm.

The size of the bread board is 200 * 135 mm. If you are new and inexperienced in assembling hardware components, don’t worry about following the simple instructions in this booklet. Use the following components to design such interesting circuits:

  • Holder
  • 830-Point Breadboard
  • 65-Jumper Wires (1)
  • 1kΩ Resistor (6)
  • LEDs (6- red (2), green (2), yellow (2)) and
  • Screws and nuts
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6. Elegoo 6170 tie-points mini breadboard kit for Arduino

Elegoo 6170 tie-points mini breadboard kit for Arduino

Aligo breadboard kits are relatively inexpensive and suitable for low power projects. Breadboards are available in red, blue, green, white, yellow, and black. The tape on the back of the breadboard makes it easy to stick with Ardenov shields or hardware devices.

All 170 pinboards are filled in a paper box with eraser with the following contents:

  • 170 tie-points breadboard (6) and
  • F/M jumper wires (10)
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7. Paxcoo 4 breadboard kits with 120 jumper wires for Arduino

Paxcoo 4 breadboard kits with 120 jumper wires for Arduino

The package consists of 2 pieces of 830 pin breadboards, 2,400 pin breadboards, and 120 jumper wires for making electrical and electronic projects. Solderless breadboard made of ABS material is taped to the back on a smooth surface and the jumper wires are mostly suitable for setting up circuits or DIY projects.

Multi-colored wires are made of copper, each of a total of 120 (40-M / M, 40-M / F, and 40-F / F) 20 cm long.

No instructions will be provided to you manually and the specifications for both the breadboard and jumper wires are as follows:

For the breadboard

  • 830-pin breadboard 6.5*2.1*0.3 inches
  • 400-pins breadboard 3.2*2.1*0.3 inches
  • ABS plastic  material
  • Voltage is 5-15 V
  • Current is 1A
  • White color breadboard

For jumper wires

  • Copper core material
  • Available in 10 different colors
  • 20cm or 8-inch cable length

Package includes the following:

  • 830-pin breadboards (2)
  • 400 points breadboards (2)
  • Jumper wires (M/M-40 pieces)
  • Jumper wires (M/F-40 pieces) and
  • Jumper wires (F/F-40 pieces)
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8. eBoot 3 400-point solderless circuit breadboard with 65 M/M jumper wires

eBoot 3 400-point solderless circuit breadboard with 65 M/M jumper wires

This kit consists of 3 sets of 400 pin solderless braid boards with 65m / m jumper wires.

Because the breadboard is made of ABS plastic material, each of its columns and rows contains the respective relevant numbers and letters to handle the work without any effort. It also has adhesive tape on the back to effectively stick to walls or other media.

Good jumper wires are available in a variety of colors and sizes, ranging in length from 4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, and 9.5 inches.

After designing the circuit using the breadboard, just plug and play. It is compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other electronic projects. The jumper wires are very easy to attach to the breadboard.

The package includes the following:

  • 400-pin solderless breadboard (3) and
  • 65 M/M flexible jumper wires in different sizes 4 (49), 6 (8), 8 (4) and 9.5-inches (4).
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9. Kuman GPIO expansion kit for Raspberry Pi

Kuman GPIO expansion kit for Raspberry Pi

The Command Breadboard is specifically designed to use GPIO pins on the motherboard and plugin with a 3.5-inch LCD and other hardware devices. GCIO is easy to support products that are not used on LCD screens.

The T-type extension in the kit and the use of bad boards make it easier for users to design electronic projects. It is very suitable for working with a raspberry pie board and a 3.5 inch LCD.

The user’s hand guide is provided with a kit that explains the operation of electronic devices and source code. See, the raspberry pie is not included in the motherboard kit.

Kuman breadboard kit contents are as follows:

  • T-type expansion panel
  • 400-points breadboard
  • 40-pin extension line (M/F/M) and
  • 35 jumper wires
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10. Elegoo 3-pieces 400 -pin breadboard, 4 power rails & Jumper wires for Arduino

Elegoo 3-pieces 400 -pin breadboard, 4 power rails & Jumper wires for Arduino

This wonderful Elegoo kit comes with a pack of 3 400-pin breadboards and positive-negative power lines at both ends. It contains a white body with printed black color distribution strips.

  • 400-points breadboard (3)
  • Power rails (4) and
  • Jumper wires (65-M/M)

All the 3 types of equipment are packed in a bubble wrapper or cardboard box and most suitable for new learners to brush up on the electronic skills.

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11. UCEC 830-pin solderless breadboard kit

UCEC 830-pin solderless breadboard kit

The 830 and 400 point breadboard comes with positive and negative lines on both ends. Both of them are made of transparent ABS plastic material with dimensions 16.5 * 5.5 * 0.85cms.

When you supply 6-12V DC power, it can supply a maximum current of 700mA. A double-sided tape on the bottom of the breadboard allows you to fix any flat surfaces. The USB cable is also connected to an Arduino for output power with an external power supply of 3.5 / 5V to make the circuit connection possible.

The contents of the solderless breadboard kit are as follows:

  • A USB cable
  • 65-pieces jumper wires with the length 120mm (49), 150mm (8), 200mm (4) and 240mm (4)
  • 5V/5V power supply module and
  • 400 and 830-points breadboard
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12. Arduino starter kits 830 MB-102 point solderless breadboard kit

Arduino starter kits 830 MB-102 point solderless breadboard kit

The Arden Breadboard Starter Kit has everything you need to start creating DIY projects. This is a high-quality solderless bread board with 830 points and 2 independent power rails.

Both the breadboard and the jumper help to speed up the installation process and provide safe power to your project. The 65mm / m jumper wires make it easy for the breadboard to connect to external devices and also help to jump information signals between the 2 points on the breadboard.

You only need a 3.3-5V power supply to operate the circuit using the on / off switch.

You are not provided with any instructions. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Here is the list of components provided along with the kit:

  • 830-point breadboard
  • Breadboard dimensions are 5.3*3.2*2.5cms
  • Adapter (MB102)
  • Arduino board
  • LEDs (White, red, blue, green and yellow-10) and
  • Jumper wires (M/M-65)
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13. Elegoo EL-CP-003 3 MB-102 830-pin solderless PCB board kit

Elegoo EL-CP-003 3 MB-102 830-pin solderless PCB board kit

Aligo Pack Solder Lace Breadboard is very cheap but offers high performance. The kit has 3 sets of 830 point breadboard and a white ABS plastic body with black printed symbols.

This 630 pin breadboard provides 4 electric reels and an adhesive tape makes it easy for everyone to hold it on the Arduino shield. The power supply allows you to reach the output point or ground pin.

All these wonderful sources are attached to the bubble cover of the cardboard box. The contents of the Aligo Breadboard Kit are as follows.

  • 830-point breadboard (3)
  • Colored power rails  and
  • 2-sided adhesive tape
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14. Arduino starter kits kuman830 MB-102 solderless breadboard

Arduino starter kits kuman830 MB-102 solderless breadboard

These breadboard starter kits have all the components that you can start designing with base circuits. It is a high-quality breadboard that is 100% compatible with Arduino kits. As a beginner, you can make projects on your own by considering certain specifications.

  • The USB port offers the output power supply which is a bit safe to use while designing a project.
  • 65 M/M jumper wire makes the wiring process simple with various color bundles.
  • It has a power supply of 3.3/5V.
  • Jumper wires are available in loads of colors with greater flexibility.
  • Standard on/off switch produces output power at its respective terminals and is safe to use.

Specifications for this wonderful starter kit are as follows:

  • 5V of power supply module
  • Standard 2.1mm barrel socket

Kuman starter kits contain the following components that are enclosed in a cardboard box:

  • Solderless breadboard(830-pin)
  • Power supply module
  • USB Port cable
  • On/Off switch
  • Jumper wires (M/M-65) and
  • Arduino board
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15. ELEGOO Upgraded Electronics Fun Kit

ELEGOO Upgraded Electronics Fun Kit

Aligo is a benchmark brand in consumer DIY electronics. With over 300 pieces of components, the Aligo Breadboard Kit is the highest priced kit on our list. With a maximum voltage rating of 9 volts, the breadboard kit has tremendous stability and is compatible with all open-source Arduino kits.

The following are the technical specifications of the Breadboard kit.

  • 9 volts maximum voltage rating
  • Multiple (over 300) components for various custom designs

Safe and secure in its packaging, the following are the list of main components provided in the kit.

  • Breadboard with 830 Tie points
  • One 65 jumper wire
  • 140 pieces of solderless jumper wires
  • 20 pieces of Female to Male Dupont wires
  • Precision potentiometer
  • 2 photoresistors
  • 1 thermister
  • Headpins
  • IC 4N35
  • IC 74HC595
  • Several Buzzers, buttons, capacitors, resistors, diodes, LEDs and transistors
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