Top 7 Best Wheelbarrow for Firewood Reviews 2021 & Buying Guide

A wheelbarrow is an essential hand-held vehicle used for gardening or lawn care. They carried heavy tools, dirt, or other weight around in the backyard or front lawn. If you want a strong, durable, and long-lasting wheelbarrow for yourself, then keep these 3 key points in mind while choosing the best wheelbarrow.

Carrying Capacity – Since the backyard has a row of wheels made to carry tools or dirt, it’s important to test its capacity. One can look for capacity options such as choosing from 300 pounds to 600 pounds but more carrying capacity that helps carry many things around the yard.

Number of Wheels – The number of wheels and their design will also determine your comfort and safety when using this wheel bar. They come with single, double or four wheels.

  • A wheelbarrow with a single wheel offers the best maneuverability to turn around or move in uneven terrain.
  • Two-wheeler provides stability and suits best on flat surfaces. It is lightweight, durable, and stable.
  • Four wheels of wheelbarrow will work as a garden cart for transporting material, even some more weight.

Size & Weight – The size and weight of the wheel row must be considered. Prefer small and compact size WheelerBro, which is easy to use and store. Also, choose the lightweight option, which is easy to pull around. For example, a 5 kg model is preferred over a 7 kg model.

Many things differentiate wheel bars, such as their construction materials, wheel size, durability, etc. mentioned in the shopping guide below. Also, we came up with a fully researched wheelbarrow after market research.

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Best Wheelbarrow for Firewood 2020

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Best Wheelbarrow for Gardening: Reviews

1. Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

MacSports is a highly rated brand of garden tools. And it offers a lot of products, including whale biro in this article.

MacSports First ranks first in this article because it’s one of the best foldable options out there. According to the name of this hill, it is about to fall due to cloth construction. And once you assemble it, the wheelbarrow is only 8 inches thick, allowing you to store it anywhere easily.

Although it’s a folding wheelbarrow, you get 7-inch wheels that are quite decent. This wheel is highly rated because it is quite reliable due to the 1-year warranty. And despite its foldable design, this wheelbarrow offers a weight capacity of 150 pounds. As a result, it can be used for most applications in your backyard.

Best Features:

  • 7 ½ inch size wheels
  • 150 pounds carrying capacity
  • 1-year warranty
  • Foldable design
  • 8 inches thick while storing
  • Includes 2 mesh cup holders for beverages
  • Weighs 24.5 pounds
  • Uses 600D fabric


  • Wheelbarrow
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
Letest Price on Amazon


2. Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart

Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart

Gorilla Carts can be another great option if you are looking for the best wheelers

The Gorilla Carts wheelbarrow is the most heavy-duty option in this article. It offers a heavy lifting capacity of 600 pounds. As a result, you can carry many dirt or heavy tools in this wheel without any problems. In this wheel, you get massive 10-inch wheels, which effectively use it on uneven surfaces.

It uses a metal construction that makes it quite durable and weighs 31.5 pounds. You also get a 1-year guarantee with this wheel strap, which is always great. Although this wheel has a high bearing capacity, there is a lot of price justification. It even includes useful features such as quick loading and an ergonomic handle on the front.

Best Features:

  • 10-inch size wheels
  • 600 pounds carrying capacity
  • 1-year warranty
  • Highly durable and strong construction
  • Quick unloading feature
  • Ergonomic handle at the front
  • Weighs 31.5 pounds


  • Wheelbarrow
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
Letest Price on Amazon


3. WORX Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow

WORX Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow

Works are known for making all kinds of high-quality products that can be very useful for your backyard. And as you might expect, he also makes the hills like here.

This orchestrated aero cart wheelbarrow ranks third in this article because it is great for your backyard in one basket. As the name implies, it can be used as a wheelbarrow, dolly, and even a wagon cart. It comes with a complete kit that allows you to change this wheelbarrow between all these options. You get an extra seat that is very comfortable to sit on.

Although the wheelbarrow’s 3-inch wheels are small, it can carry a large weight of 300 pounds. And because of its excellent heavy-duty steel construction, it can offer. You can also easily adjust the center of gravity of this wheel if needed. This is the most durable and reliable wheelbarrow option in this article as it comes with a long warranty of 3 years. Because of this, it can easily last a long time.

Best Features:

  • 3-inch size wheels
  • 300 pounds carrying capacity
  • 3-year warranty
  • Comes with a complete kit
  • Converts between different modes
  • Includes a comfortable seat
  • Excellent heavy-duty steel construction
  • Comes with a handle


  • Wagon Kit
  • Wheelbarrow
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
Letest Price on Amazon


4. Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Home Wheelbarrow Yard Garden Cart

Best Choice Products Dual Wheel Home Wheelbarrow Yard Garden Cart

Best Choice Products are known for making affordable products and tools for your backyard. You can even get the same different cooling wheelbarrow options here.

The wheelbarrow of the best choice product in this article is one of the cheapest options available there. And these two-wheeled wheels are still able to offer reasonable weight lifting and excellent construction. A large 13-inch wheel is useful enough to use this wheel row on uneven surfaces if needed.

You can also carry up to 330 pounds of fine luggage on this wheel. It allows you to pick up a lot of dirt or carry most of your heavy-duty equipment easily. It offers 5 cubic feet of space inside its deep compartment design. And the thick bold loop handles of this wheel are quite comfortable enough to easily move this wheel around your backyard.

Best Features:

  • 13-inch size wheels
  • 330 pounds carrying capacity
  • 5 cubic feet of carrying space
  • Thick padded loop handles
  • Decent build quality


  • Wheelbarrow
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
Letest Price on Amazon


5. PORTAL Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon Quad Compact Outdoor Garden

PORTAL Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon Quad Compact Outdoor Garden

Portal is a lesser-known brand for creating tools and equipment that can be very useful for your backyard.

As the name implies, it offers a foldable design that makes it easy to store when not in use. This is possible due to its fabric construction and foldable metal frame. The fabric can also be removed if needed, which can be quite easy to get rid of any stains or marks when assembling or washing clothes.

This foldable wheelbarrow features 7-inch wheels, which is great because it easily pushes the wheelbarrow into your background. Despite its fabric construction and foldable design, it offers a lifting capacity of up to 225 pounds. You get a 1-year warranty as well as excellent quality with this wheel belt.

Best Features:

  • 7-inch size wheels
  • 225 pounds carrying capacity
  • 1-year warranty
  • Foldable design
  • Removable fabric liner
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • 360 degrees rotating front wheels


  • Wheelbarrow
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
Letest Price on Amazon


6. Marathon Yard Rover – 2 Tire Wheelbarrow Garden Cart

Marathon Yard Rover – 2 Tire Wheelbarrow Garden Cart

Marathon Yard Rover is a brand of rebel tools and equipment known for creating value for money products, such as the wheelbarrow in this article.

This marathon yard rover is a great option if you are looking for cheap wheelbarrow options. Despite the relatively low price, it comes with 2 large sizes of 13 wheels in the front. This wheelbarrow allows you to maneuver on uneven surfaces if you need to easily. You also get a loop handle in this wheel bar, which is quite ergonomic and makes it easy to use.

It comes with a weight lifting capacity of 300 pounds, which allows you to carry most of your heavy equipment without any problems. And since it has 5 cubic feet of space inside, you can easily pick up a lot of dirt on this wheel at the same time. Despite its high lifting capacity and excellent construction quality, this wheel weighs only 25 pounds.

Best Features:

  • 13-inch size wheels
  • 300 pounds carrying capacity
  • 5 cubic feet space carrying space
  • Two wheels at the front
  • Ergonomic and comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Weighs 25 pounds


  • Wheelbarrow
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
Letest Price on Amazon


7. Costzon Kids Metal Wheelbarrow

Costzon Kids Metal Wheelbarrow

Last but not least, we have CoastZone, which is primarily known for making products for children. And as you might expect, in this article, we have mentioned the wheel option for children.

Since this wheel is made for row children, it is more fun to use this item instead of a heavy-duty tool for your garden. As a result, it is quite safe and offers basic carrying capacity. It has small wheels that make it very easy to press the wheel bar. You can also carry up to 66 pounds of fine luggage in this wheel, which is useful for learning gardening.

Although this wheelbarrow is designed for children, it comes with a stainless steel frame, which is quite useful for this wheel’s stability. On this hill, you also get an eco-friendly paint that makes it safe for children. This wheel comes with a row non-slip handle, which is quite convenient.

Best Features:

  • Small all-terrain wheels
  • 66 pounds carrying capacity
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Eco-friendly paint
  • Safe for kids


  • Wheelbarrow
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
Letest Price on Amazon


What is Wheelbarrow?

The wheelbarrow is a small garden vehicle used for gardening, famine, construction, and more. Most wheels are designed with a single wheel with two handles for one person to press or guide. Used to carry materials, dust, and other equipment around the backyard for gardening.

How to select the Best Wheelbarrow?

Choosing the perfect wheelbarrow for your needs and yard needs won’t be a big deal unless you know it. Did you know that for a small yard, the wheel bar is not often used? For larger yards, a 2- or 4-wheel wheel row is required to perform tasks.

So, don’t be overwhelmed by the variety of choices available. Here we tell you what features you should consider when shopping. Just go through the shopping guide to catch the best and most suitable.

1. Capacity:

Wheelbarrow comes in different sizes and carrying capacity. Each wheelbarrow has its own weight limit. How much weight will you carry on the wheelbarrow that will determine the capacity of the wheelbarrow you want to buy? We usually use garden rows to lift garden tools, cement, bricks, mud, and other heavyweights.

The weight-bearing capacity will depend on the wheelbarrow’s construction, which is designed to carry heavier and stronger loads. The use of polyethylene load beds in wheelbarrows makes them lighter but comes with more load capacity. The capacity of this wheel can be found up to 200-600 pounds. Choose a large carrying capacity to carry heavy tools or a lot of dirt at once to walk around the yard.

2. Number of Wheels:

The number of wheels and their design will also determine your comfort and safety when using this wheel. Some models come with single or double wheels, and some have three or four wheels.

  • One-Wheel Type – This traditional model offers the best maneuverability while turning around the corners and moving up narrow pathways, rocks, over gravel, and uneven terrain. It is hard to move while going up hills or with a heavy load. The wheelbarrow with a single wheel is designed to have a wheel on the front or middle part.
  • Two-Wheel Models – It offers more stability than any other traditional type. Best to use on flat surfaces and perfect for simple chores. Irrespective of moving weights makes you feel lighter. It is designed to have an extra heavy-duty front wheel with front braces for durability and stability.
  • Four Wheels – This hybrid model will provide a solid platform to carry heavy loads. Suits best to use on flat surfaces, even with more weight. It works like a garden wheelbarrow cart for transporting material/stuff around the ground. It is designed as a cart to reduce the stress on the back and shoulders of the user.

3. Material:

Wheelerborough’s construction standards and building materials will determine their strength and durability. People prefer to use stainless steel for long-lasting durability, and those who want to combat rust should prefer heavy-duty plastics. Let’s find out what materials are used to make whey.

1. Stainless Steel – It is a sturdy metal that makes the wheelbarrow easy to handle light to heavy tasks without getting destroyed. It ensures durability and resistance to any destruction from weather conditions like rusting & cracking. Performs unlimited transportation tasks with heavy loads within your garden or around the home.

  • Pros  Versatile can be used in a wide range of demanding jobs & heavy-duty tasks. Not prone to corrosion, rust, cracking, or scratches.
  • Cons  They become hot when placed in the sun for a long time and a user with limited energy levels was hard to maneuver due to its heavyweight.

2. Plastic – The second most common material used by people who are budget freak. It is a lighter and portable wheelbarrow that makes it comfortable & easy to maneuver and won’t be rusted at any time. Used widely for transporting items in less defined passageways.

  • Pros  Lightweight and portable easily. Less expensive than steel or other metals & available in various colors and designs.
  • Cons  Weaker and less durable. May prone to destruction when it is exposed to extreme temperatures.

3. Wood – It won’t be prone to cracking or rusting, but when exposed to moisture for a longer time, it became massive and may not splinter and mold easily. It is used for storage purposes & aesthetic enhancement of the area. They are used for light to medium tasks and have to store it away from moisture and water.

  • Pros  Not prone to cracking, rust, and corrosion. Used for light to medium-duty tasks but not to transport any heavy loads.
  • Cons  Prone to water and moisture and may get rotted, splinter, and molded easily.

4. Canvas / Fabric – The load tub/tray is made with durable canvas material and has metallic frames. Designed for ease of storage and loading items. It is useful for people with limited storage facilities, as it can be flexible and foldable. It is not suitable to carry heavy loads from an area to another.

  • Pros  Easy to load and offload with ground flush design. Affordable, lighter, and easy to maneuver even though it is fully loaded.
  • Cons  Won’t suit for weighty loads and not suitable for transporting loads composed of sand.

4. Wheel Type:

One can find three common types of wheels on the wheelbarrow – pneumatic, semi-pneumatic and non-pneumatic. Let’s know about them in detail.

  • Pneumatic Tires – They look like bicycle tires. They contain air tubes inside that act as cushions while moving loads on them. This type of tire is best to maneuver the wheelbarrow even from stairs. All you need is to pump the tire full of air, as may have a high chance of getting flat. It provides smooth transportation even in rough terrain.
  • Semi-Pneumatic – They are built with internal air pockets (hollow section) where you don’t have to fill the air. They are sturdy, reliable & lightweight and won’t go flat. Great to use them in rough conditions.
  • Non-Pneumatic Tire – A non-pneumatic or airless tire is hard rubber and won’t go flat even after many repeated usages. It can easily handle heavy loads without putting much effort into you while moving a wheelbarrow, especially upon a hill. The wheelbarrow with this no frequent air refill tire requires low maintenance.

Verdict: Most of the high-quality wheelbarrows come with pneumatic tires (filled with air) and roll smoothly, like car tires, even on any type of terrain. A few models make a tire with plastic or without any thread. So, avoid purchasing these models, as they not only break down quickly but also cause a huge spill in your garden.

5. Wheel Size:

Different wheel bar models come in different wheel sizes, such as 10 inches or 13 inches. In most cases, a larger wheel size is preferred if there are multiple uses. The size of the wheel will move easily on uneven surfaces. Typically, smaller wheels are made for harder solid surfaces, and larger wheel sizes result in a lower power, making it easier to push the wheelbarrow and easier to use.

6. Tray Size & Weight / Tub Area:

It is also important to consider the wheel’s size/height, shape, and weight when purchasing. For example, a wheelbarrow is usually suitable for a person of average size, but in case if you are tall or tall, then you may have some trouble using the wheelbarrow.

Also, a small and compact size wheelbarrow is fairly easy to store without using; some models come with a foldable option to fold the barrow. Anyone can find a wheelbarrow in dimensions in inches. Be sure to check the wheel’s weight, as it should be light and easy to pull around the backyard. Therefore, to make the right purchase, you need to measure height, weight, and size when choosing a wheelbarrow.

Tray Size / Cargo Volume – This means how much space the wheel bar can fill. Most wheel rows come close to 10 cubic feet of material. You can carry things like dirt, cement, rocks, or gravel in this tray, and this tray is made of wood/steel/plastic.

The tray’s size can vary from 4 to 12 cubic feet, with a deep basin of 3 cubic feet and a shallow 2 cubic feet. Also, when the tray turns bad, you can replace the tray without buying a new one. Some model trays will be corrosion-free.

7. Type of Terrain:

Most people choose aspects depending on their area, as it is easy to walk through the mud and easy to walk on the type of your area. Different wheel bar models perform differently in different regions.

So, check the type of region and see if the whale you are buying should survive. In that case, if the area is smooth and flat, then go for a single wheel or standard wheelbarrow. If the area is rocky and rocky, choose a 2-3 wheel model.

8. Durability:

The stability of any product depends on the purpose for which you want to buy it. So, for that, you have to check the type of material used for transportation. In that case, if you are using for plants and sticky elements, choose only medium durable wheelbarrows. If you want to use it for various purposes such as transportation, gardening, housework, then prefer to buy a wheelbarrow store with extended durability.

9. Other Features:

While using the wheelbarrow, you will learn about the additional features that you need to understand for your safety and comfort.

  • Ball Bearings – It is essential for the smooth movement of the tire. So, one should look for the number of ball bearings in the wheelbarrow tire. Its quality will also determine the weight capacity along with how smooth & fast the tire rolls on the ground. Prefer to choose the one which has a high-quality bearing that lasts longer without breaking.
  • Handles – The handles you’re selecting for the wheelbarrow should be easy to push, turn, and easy to dump the load. Most of them come with long wood hands or metal attached to the front wheel, while other models have a single handle to either pull or attach it to ATV/tractor. The length may vary from 36 – 60 inches. The dual handles will provide better balance, whereas the single one unloads the tray contents with a dump mechanism.
  • Grips – The handles with plastic or rubber grip will help to maneuver the wheelbarrow easily. It provides a nice comfortable grip to hold the wheelbarrow rather than holding it onto the bare wood.
  • Pegged Rests – After moving the wheelbarrow, you will set it down on rest. The wheelbarrow comes with some kind of structure to rest on while not using unless it has 4 wheels. The one which is made with stainless steel won’t warp even at heavy loads.
  • Racks – A few wheelbarrow models come with some storage racks between the handles or on the sides of the tray/tub. It allows you to place garden tools, oddly shaped items, or mulch bags while using this wheelbarrow.
  • Storage – Most of these wheelbarrow models are bigger and took a large place to store, which might be an issue for people with less space. But most of the modern models are having easy to store feature – either foldable or convertible. So, buy the wheelbarrow with the best assessment and easy to store.
  • Resistance to Rust – The wheelbarrow tub you’re choosing should be rust-resistant; it may damage the whole tub and make it useless. Before purchase, you should know the purpose of purchase and storage space. Polyethylene or rust-free stainless steel are preferred best.

10. Price:

A wheelbarrow price will depend on the material used, the size, the brand, and its characteristics. Its price range can vary from $ 20 to 300. Therefore, you need to balance your needs and budget to get the best value from your purchase.

11. Warranty:

If you are always advised to check the warranty provided while investing in any garden equipment. Also, be sure to check what is and what is not included in the warranty before buying. Some products come with a 1-3 year warranty while others are 3-5 years old. Therefore, the better the warranty, the more confidently you can buy the product, as it lasts longer without any problems.

Types of Wheelbarrow:

In general, there are three main types of wheelbarrows available around. You can choose them depending on the condition of your garden and your personal preference.

  • Hybrid Wheelbarrows: It is an updated version of classic/traditional wheelbarrow design. The classic one has a single wheel and shallow load tub that won’t much to do anything. But the modern one comes with 1, 2, or 4 wheels with a variety of tub sizes, as per your load type, which you need to haul.
  • Hill-Use Wheelbarrows: Are you living in a hilly area? Then simply opt for a heavy-duty wheelbarrow to have easy maneuverability. Choose a lightweight plastic/poly wheelbarrow to carry heavy loads but be sure that the ball bearing in these wheels has to be well-lubricated and have strong handles with a comfortable grip to pull it up. Also, select a wheelbarrow with 2 wheels rather than a single one to have extra stability while moving up and down or navigating through rough terrain.
  • Motorized/Electric Wheelbarrows: Electric wheelbarrow is the most high-tech and expensive (purchase cost & maintenance cost) model than hybrid or traditional models. But you can complete the task much easy, as one can get on them to drive around on all-terrain even with heavy loads.

What are the Uses of Wheelbarrows?

The wheelbarrow comes with many uses and important uses to make it easy to transport various items/goods around the garden or outdoor area. One can find their use in landscaping, gardening, and construction in general. It serves as a transporter for a gardener or construction worker, carrying soil/mulch on a tray/tub, carrying plants, moving building materials or tools, removing sticks and stones, and so on.

Why does a gardener need to have this wheelbarrow?

Whether gardening on a small, medium, or large scale, the Wheel Barrow is an essential hand-propelled vehicle that can efficiently and easily move from one place to another in your yard at any time with soil, plants, grass, and fertilizer as well as various gardening tools. Used on the spot. Gardening

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What material of the wheelbarrow has weather resistance?
The first tub, made of poly PVC canvas with a stainless steel coat, is excellent water and weather resistant.

2.What is the best diameter of wheelbarrow tires?
Although it will not have a definitive answer, the one with a diameter of more than 10 inches is considered the best to get.

3.How frequently the tires of the wheelbarrow are to be inflated?
However, some flat-free tires will not have any inflation, while the rest of the tires are airtight and require a certain amount of time once a week, depending on their use.

4.Are wheelbarrows perfect for children?
For kids, you should choose a small, lightweight, and compact one with low capacity suits perfect for your little ones.

5.How many wheels on a wheelbarrow are perfect to use?
Generally, single wheels, double wheels, and 4 wheels are available in the market, and each has its own advantages and uses. The 1-wheeled wheel is suitable for narrow, narrow gardens, with 2-wheeled spaces used for spacious lawns, and finally, 4-wheeled leers are good for heavy workloads.

6.Which type of handles are comfortable to operate wheelbarrow?
Wheel row handles should be softly covered and made of rubber or plastic for easy operation.

7.How to know the capacity of wheelbarrows & what is the standard carrying capacity?
The standard carrying capacity will be 2 to 6 cubic feet, and its capacity depends on the height, width, and depth of a particular wheel.

8.How long and wide the wheelbarrow should be?
The size of the wheel row will depend on its application/use area. It is used for multipurpose purposes such as horticulture, famine, construction, and animal husbandry. Therefore, everyone needs a different size wheel bar to fit the job. Regarding the length and width of the wheel row, one has to consider the application in terms of cubic feet, and most models are selected based on 2-3 cubic feet with different shapes. For example, with 6 cubic feet, the wheelbarrow size could be 58 X 27 X 26 inches.


A wheelbarrow is one of the most useful tools for walking in your backyard. You can easily move dirt and tools around your yard using wheels. As such, we’ve covered all of their details, as well as some of Wheelbarrow’s best options in this article. And the detailed guide can be quite easy to buy to learn everything about such aspects easily. But, if you still don’t deserve the best choice for you, here are some of our recommendations:

  • If you want a high capacity wheelbarrow, then you can go with the Gorilla Carts GOR4PS wheelbarrow. It offers a large capacity of up to 600 pounds higher than other options present in this article. And since it comes with a 10-inch wheel size, you can easily use it even on an uneven surface. You also get a 1-year warranty with this wheelbarrow.
  • The Worx Aerocart is the most reliable and durable wheelbarrow options present in this article. It comes with a 3-year long warranty that makes it quite a durable and reliable wheelbarrow option. While it only has small 3 inch wheels, you get a capacity of carrying up to 300 pounds in this wheelbarrow that makes it quite practical.
  • Although you want a value for money option when it comes to wheelbarrows, the Best Choice Products offers a great option. It is one of the cheapest options present in this article and still offers large 13-inch sized wheels and a carrying capacity of 265 pounds. The build quality of this wheelbarrow is also quite decent for its given price tag.

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