7 Best Chainsaw Chains Reviews 2021 & Full Guide

The best quality chain must be in any home improvement project. Chainsaw China is an important component that will affect the performance, safety, strong and robust performance of professionals.

If you use the wrong chain then it will not work hard and it also carries the risk of chain binding and thus a dangerous kickback. Therefore, it is important to choose the right cutting chain for your chains.

Regular use of the chain will end overtime and you will have to change its chain after a while. So, in order to capture the best chainsaw chain, you have to consider these 3 important factors.

  • Bar Length – The chainsaws come in a variety of bar lengths, which are measured in inches. It ensures replacement chain should be compatible with chainsaw. The most common chain bar lengths are 14-inch, 16-inch, 18-inch and 20-inch.
  • Chain Pitch – The pitch will let you know how close the links together on the chain. In general, most of the available pitch sizes are 0.250-inch (1/4-inch), 0.325 – 0.375-inches (3/8-inch) and 0.404-inches, in which 0.325-inch (3/8-inch) pitch chains are most common.
  • Chain Gauge – It let you know the thickness of chain’s drive links. This will help to lock the chain in place to avoid much vibration and kickback chances. The gauge sizes available for chain are 0.043”, 0.050” to 0.063”, in which 0.050 is most commonly used.

In addition to these 3 things, you will have to consider various other factors such as its types, how it works, types of cutters, performance, safety and so on, which are clearly mentioned in the shopping guide. Also, we estimated from the list of 7 Chainsaw Chains based on the design, performance and reviews in the market.

Scroll down to see how to choose, what to look for and where to choose the best, according to the needs of your chains.

Best Chainsaw Chains for Hardwood 2020

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Best Chainsaw Chain Reviews


1. Oregon S62 AdvanceCut 18-Inch Chainsaw

Oregon S62 AdvanceCut 18-Inch Chainsaw

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Oregon is a very popular brand that is primarily known for making chinau. And as you might expect, it replaces the chain here for options like China Chains.

The Oregon S62 Advanced Kit China ranks first in this article because it is the largest option in this article. Its chain length is 18 inches which is quite long. And it also offers a standard 6-inch standard chain pitch, which is 0.325 inches. As a result, if you are looking for low profile chains for your chains, this can be a great option.

Although this is the same pack and it comes with only one chain replacement for your choice, there is a lot of price justification. Despite its low price tag, it offers heat-resistant and precision cutting due to the hard chrome surface. Since Oregon is quite a famous brand, this semi-chisel chain for chainsaws is engineered for high performance and sophistication as well as safety.

Best Features:

  • ⅜ inch chain pitch
  • 18-inch chain length
  • Single chain pack
  • Precision cutting chain
  • Heat-treated hard-chrome surface
  • Engineered for safety
  • Decent value for money


  • Chainsaw replacement chain
  • User manual
  • Warranty card


2. Tallox 3 Pack 16″ Chainsaw Chains

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Telx is a lesser known brand that manufactures accessories and tools, including chain accessories. But as you might expect, this chain also makes an alternative chain.

In this article, Telux’s Chainsaw China ranks 2nd because it offers a great value for money because it is a 3 pack. Although the total cost of a 3-pack chain replacement may be slightly higher, the effective cost of each chain is significantly lower. And yet, it can offer high quality alternative chain that is compatible with various Chainsaw brands.

It is supported by Haskarna, Remington, Craftsman, Pollen, and various other Chinese chainsaw brands. This is possible because it offers a typical 16-inch length of the popular chinaware. In this 56 drive link chain you also get the rating of 5 inch chain pitch. Regarding its thickness, its gauge rating is 0.050 inches which is very similar to other options.

Best Features:

  • ⅜ inch chain pitch
  • 16-inch chain length
  • Three chain pack
  • Compatible with various brands
  • 050-inch gauge rating
  • 56 drive link chains
  • Great value for money


  • Chainsaw replacement chain
  • User manual
  • Warranty card


3. Husqvarna 531300439 18-Inch Pixel Saw Chain

3. Husqvarna 531300439 18-Inch Pixel Saw Chain

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Hasak Verna is a well-known brand of chinos that needs no introduction as it has been making gas chinaw for a long time. And it also prepares to replace China in terms of its chains, such as options.

This hobby or alternative comes in China 2 pack which makes it a great option for many consumers. Because it’s made by Haskarna, it’s a bit of a reason. Thankfully, it offers the user an excellent construction standard that justifies the price tag. It offers a large size of 18 inches which makes it the third largest in the article.

You get a chain pitch size of 0.325 inches in this chain, as well as a 0.050 inch chain gauge rating. As a result, it can be used with many chain models. It can also work with some of the Chainsaw models not made by Husqvarna.

Best Features:

  • 325-inch chain pitch
  • 18-inch chain length
  • Two chain pack
  • High-quality chain
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with various models


  • Chainsaw replacement chain
  • User manual
  • Warranty card


4. SUNGATOR 16-Inch Chainsaw Chain

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Songater is a lesser known brand of tannins and tools related to China Sauce. And it also makes different models of alternative China, one of which we have mentioned here in this article.

If you are considering a single pack, then in this article, Sangatar Chainsaw China is the cheapest option. And yet, this series is a great option for different models of the chain. As its name suggests, it is compatible with various Chanso brands. You can use it with Remington, Homelight, Green Works, Echo, Pollen, and many more chain models.

The chain that changes this chain is 16 inches long and with it the chain size is 6 inches. As a result, it is a great low profile chain option. This 56 drive link has a 0.050 inch gauge rating in China which is quite common compared to the other options in this article.

Best Features:

  • ⅜ inch chain pitch
  • 16-inch chain length
  • 050-inch gauge chain
  • Single chain pack
  • Affordable price tag
  • Compatible with various chainsaw models
  • Comes with UL and ANSI safety standards


  • Chainsaw replacement chain
  • User manual
  • Warranty card


5. Oregon S56 AdvanceCut 16-Inch Chainsaw Chain

5. Oregon S56 AdvanceCut 16-Inch Chainsaw Chain

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We have yet another chain replacement option from Oregon, as it offers a lot of options for different chainsaw models out there. But unlike the previous one, this is a 16-inch chain replacement option.

Since this chainsaw chain has a length of 16 inches, it is compatible with a lot of chainsaw models. While Oregon makes its own chainsaw models as well, you can also use this replacement chain with various other chainsaw models. As per its name, it works with Remington, Echo, Poulan, Craftsman, Homelite, and other chainsaw brands.

This 16-inch chain has a pitch of ⅜ inches just like other options in this article. You get precision cuts while using this chain in your chainsaw. And just like various other Oregon replacement chains out there, this one is also engineered for the user’s safety. It features a heat-treated hard chromed chain surface for cutting trees and tree branches.

Best Features:

  • ⅜ inch chain pitch
  • 16-inch chain length
  • Single chain pack
  • Precision cutting chain
  • Heat-treated hard-chrome surface
  • Engineered for safety
  • Decent value for money


  • Chainsaw replacement chain
  • User manual
  • Warranty card


6. Replacement Oregon chain 

6. Replacement Oregon chain

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As you might expect so far, Oregon makes a lot of alternative chain options for the Oregon as well as other brands for the Chango model. And it’s designed primarily for electric chains, rather than gas-powered ones.

Oregon’s 9056 Chinawan, named after China, is 16 inches long. And as mentioned earlier, it works with electric chainsaws like DeWalt’s options. Like other chains for gas-powered chinaos, it has an 8-inch chain pitch. As far as its gauge rating is concerned, it is a 0.043 inch gauge conversion series.

Because it is made by Chanso China Oregon, it offers an excellent construction standard. The Liberal Link tie straps hold the oil in all the key points of the chain. As a result, your chain stays properly lubricated to offer a clean and sharp cut. Using this chain to cut down trees also gives you less vibration than your chain.

Best Features:

  • ⅜ inch chain pitch
  • 16-inch chain length
  • 043-inch gauge rating
  • Single chain pack
  • Less vibration
  • LubriLink for oiling the chain
  • Clean and sharp cut


  • Chainsaw replacement chain
  • User manual
  • Warranty card


7. Greenworks 8-Inch Replacement Pole Saw Chain

7. Greenworks 8-Inch Replacement Pole Saw Chain

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Greenworks makes many power tools, including electric chains. He even replaces the chain for his chains.

This is the smallest option in this article when compared to other chains in this regard because its chain length is 8 inches. And it’s a low profile chain because it offers a very typical 4-inch chain pitch. As a result, you can easily use this chain with various options of 8-inch chain of green works.

It is compatible with GreenWorks tool models 20192, 20302, 20352, and 20672. If you have any of these, you can use this chain without any problems. In this regard, you also have an excellent construction standard because Green Works is a famous brand of chainsaws and related accessories.

Best Features:

  • ⅜ inch chain pitch
  • 8-inch chain length
  • Single chain pack
  • Precision cutting chain
  • Heat-treated hard-chrome surface
  • Engineered for safety
  • Decent value for money


  • Chainsaw replacement chain
  • User manual
  • Warranty card


How to Choose the Best Chainsaw Chain:

Chainsaw is a versatile tool of power that allows one to deal with a variety of projects such as cutting branches, cutting down trees, removing stumps and knocking down trees. The chain of chains helps to cut as deep and fast as possible. Achieving the right chain will help achieve smooth and controlled performance without getting stuck and causing kickbacks.

To help you find the best chain, we provide complete information on the types of chains you need, what to consider, and how to choose the best. Take a look at it.

1. Types of Chainsaw Chains:

One has to consider the type of teeth when buying replacement chains, as it largely affects the performance and capabilities of the device. In general, there are three main types of teeth – chapper, semi-chisel and chisel full teeth.

1. Full Chisel Chain/Chipper Chain:

  • The angular square-cornered teeth of this chain will allow it to cut softwood quickly and efficiently.
  • Designed to deal with tough exteriors, as they ripe faster through the surface.
  • It provides safety along with comfortable speed, why because lack of safety tweaks will make this chain a high-risk.
  • Although, they are common chain style in older days but now they are used for dirty tasks and quick pruning of thin branches and limbs.
  • The recommended bar lengths of this standard chain are up to 24” (61 cm).

2. Semi-Chisel Chain:

  • The round cornered tooth of this chain will create a radius between the top plate and side.
  • It is 10% slower than chisel chain but it is great while retaining its sharpness.
  • It suits best to use while cutting wood which is covered with hardwood, dust, stump work and for cutting frozen wood.
  • This round chisel teeth chain is great as all-round option that cut through both hard and softwood.
  • The recommended bar lengths of this semi-chisel is 24 – 32” (61 – 81 cm).

3. Skip and Semi-Skip Chain:

  • This type of chain has less teeth when compared with standard chain.
  • It is often used in chainsaws which are longer than 24-inches or longer than recommended size.
  • Since it has fewer teeth, it operates on less power.
  • For this Skip chisel, the recommended bar length will be 32” and longer (81+cm).

2. Chain Length:

Chainsaws come in a variety of bar lengths, measured in inches. One can find lengths in China, up to 10 inches short and up to 24 inches long in the market. It is important to consider the length when purchasing, as one chain will not fit all chains.

If the chain is too loose or too worn, then it will not fit or may be a little loose. That way, you don’t have to deal with any serious safety hazards while working. If you are not satisfied with the length of your chain bar, just measure it from the tip of the guide bar to the point where the bar comes out of the toolbox using a tape measure.

Add the next measurement to the next even number to get the bar length of your chains. Some common lengths in China are 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches and 20 inches.

3. Chain Pitch:

The pitch will tell you how close the links are to the chain. In that case, if you can’t find your chain. Then just set the distance between the 3 rivets in the series and divide the measured number by 2. In general, the most available pitch sizes are 0.250 inches (1/4 inch), 0.325 – 0.375 inches (3/8 inch) and 0.404 inches, of which 0.325 inch (3/8 inch) pitch chain is the most common. Is. This 3/8 ”low profile chain will feature a narrow cutting width / kpf that reduces the power required for cutting.

  • For professional chainsaw users, they prefer to use pitch size of 0.404 inches
  • For occasional chainsaw wielders and hobbyists, use 3/8-inch pitch chain.

The large distance between the links in this chain will allow you to aggressively cut wood. Not only in commercial grade chainsaws but also in chinaos used by aid workers or first responders.

4. Chain Gauge:

China Gauge will describe the thickness of China’s drive links. Simply put, this is referred to as the size of the holes on the drive links into which the drive spectrum teeth enter. This will help lock the chain in place to avoid the possibility of vibrations and kickbacks.

So, if you want to run your chain efficiently and safely, then this chain gauge must compete with the chain bar gauge of the chain. In this case, if it is too thick, then it will not be fitted to the tool, whereas if the chain is too thin, it slips and cuts the material by mistake.

Gauge sizes available for China are 0.043 “, 0.050” to 0.063 “, of which 0.050 are commonly used. Normally, this number is printed on the tool’s guide bar. In that case, if you do not find it. If you can’t, just consult your guide.

5. Drive Links:

Generally, the chain of chainsaw consists of 4 parts. Cutter, excellent, drive link and tie strap. Now, let’s talk about drive links. These are the lower part of the chain, fitting in Chinaw’s guide bar. They are used to provide accurate measurements to select the appropriate fitting replacement chain. Some models have the required number of this drive link on the guide bar while some will not.

Number of Drive Links – This number will be equal to the number of sprocket teeth, which can be easily found on the Chainsaw manual. While the number of drive links found on the chain pack. If you fall short of this number, it will not fit on the chains. Any modifications can damage the chain and affect its fitting.

Drive Links Thickness – Chain lengths to determine the length of the chain, measured in millimeters. The patch can be 1.1, 1.3, 1.5, 1.6, or 2 mm, with different blade smoothness used to cut different sizes.

  • The chain with drive link thickness of 1.1 are fitted on domestic chainsaw and curving chainsaws (general but won’t for hard tasks).
  • One can found drive line thickness of 1.5 & 1.6 on professional & semi-professional chainsaws.
  • Finally, a 2 mm thickness is rare and fits to powerful professional chainsaws.

In that case, if you don’t know how to measure it, then take off the chain and count the drive links. This will help you find the best alternative chain that fits the chains perfectly.

6. Cutter Types/Tooth Cutter Design:

Depending on the type of cutting tooth head, the cutters can be categorized into 4 types.

  • Chipper
  • Semi-chisel
  • Chamfer chisel
  • Micro-chisel chisel

All these types of cutting tooth have round shaped to square shaped. Do you know why chisel chain cuts faster? The reason is that the rounded chisel cutters recut the end-grain several times until the kerf (its full width) is reached. Whereas the chisel cutters are square cutters used to cut a full width kerf with every pass.

7. Performance:

The teeth of the chainsaw will determine its performance. Let’s know about the performance of various types of chainsaw in detail.

  • Chipper chains – Its teeth is designed to cut branches and other dirty work around the home.
  • Semi-Chisel – Its teeth are versatile and can be used to cut both soft wood and hard wood easily. Its round chisel teeth are durable but take longer time to complete the given task.
  • Full Chisel – It has square shaped teeth, which are sturdy, durable and efficient to complete any heavy-duty task like cutting through hardwood.

8. Safety:

Safety & comfort are essential features to consider while operating these power tools. Vibration and kickback are two main things we have to look in this chainsaw chains while talking about safety.

  • Anti-vibration – The vibrations on chainsaw will affect the energy efficiency and effectiveness of the chainsaw, and thereby makes unable to hold chainsaw steadily to make precise cuts. So, to get rid of this ugly vibration, one has to choose premium chains that comes with anti-vibration mechanisms (minimal to zero). This will not only speed up precise & faster cutting process but also help you to work without physical ailments.
  • Anti-Kickback – The kickback is the force that tend to react when the cutting saw gets stuck on the debris (wood), while chain is in full motion. They simply throw you off-balance, when there is an interruption in chain rotation and thereby results in devastating injuries. So, make sure to check the models like top-tier chainsaw chains, which comes with anti-kickback feature before purchasing.

9. Durability and Reliability:

Power tools used for heavy duty applications, such as cutting down trees and tree branches, need to be durable and reliable. Therefore, it ensures that you have to perform smooth operation for a long time without facing any problem. Many chains can be replaced, they will not come with any warranty.

Therefore, if you want a durable product, you need to check its quality, warranty offer and customer ratings. This will help you to get an idea of ​​the stability and reliability of the given China.

10. Other Features:

However, there are many other features offered for chains, regardless of the size and type of chains. Here we have listed them and take a look at it.

  • Built-in Lubrication – To keep the chains lubricated while operating, most of the manufacturers designed several features like grooves / holes in the cutting teeth or links to make the chain stay lubricate. Proper lubrication will help to move the cutting tool like chainsaw effectively. So, one has to consider this feature while purchasing to maintain proper lubrication and effective sound working.
  • Self-Sharpening Chains – The auto-sharpening chainsaw chains are specially designed to keep their teeth filed whenever the chain passes around the guide bar. Although, regular sharpening is a maintenance hassle but using this chain will reduce your trips to shop for sharpening the chains. The self-sharpening chain will help to keep the chain sharper for a longer time without undergoing regular sharpening maintenance.
  • Ripping Chains – This chain is specially designed for professional applications, which involves cutting lengthy wood along the grain. One has to require special extra skill and technique to use these chains. So, people those using chainsaw for normal application won’t require this ripping chains.
  • Carbide Chains – Chains made with carbide material are hard & durable, which quickly wear a normal chain out until it is not useful. It is quite brittle and shatter when it gets struck with force. It is also expensive, which makes it useful only in places where dirt, sand, cold weather or other rough conditions causing unusual wear to the chain.

11. Ease of Maintenance:

A chainsaw sharpening tools are easily available in the market to sharpen the chain. Also, in most of the models, the chains are sharpened easily by self-sharpening mechanism. While a few chainsaw cutters are hard to sharpen them. Simply, look for chains that comes with an excellent lubrication system. For this, you have to oil your tool to maintain it properly.

12. Price:

The price of this chainsaw chains depends up on the brand, efficacy, and user-friendliness. They are somewhat price affordable and you have to choose the best quality one from trusted brands, irrespective of the cost.

How the chain of chainsaw works to cut the material?

Here is a detailed outlook on how the chain of the saw will work to cut the material/wood. Have a look on the picture to get an idea on how it works to cut.

  • Cutter Entering Wood/Material – The chain of the chainsaw will cut with porpoise-like motion. They set the depth gauge to determine the thickness of the severed cross grain.
  • Attach Position – The cutter will feed into the wood and thus begin to leave the guide bar.
  • Getting into Wood – In the third position, the cutter slices through the wood without touching the guide bar.
  • Severe Wood Chip – The clearance angle will allow the cutter to pivot out of the wood severing the chip.

How to change the chain in a chainsaw?

One has to know a detailed process on how to change the chainsaw’s chain for its long-time effective usage. Here we are providing a clear step by step process to let you know how to change the chainsaw chain.

  • First of all, remove the guide bar side panel of the chainsaw. In case, if chain is broken, then unlock it before you take out the side panel cover.
  • Then release the chain tension by screwing off back on the chain tension screw.
  • After the tension has released then you can take out the old one easily.
  • Now clean off the area by using a clean cloth or Teflon cleaning pad to remove any residue or corrosion build-up on the guide bar of chainsaw.
  • Take out the new one and install it by following your user manual to ensure that you fixed the chain in proper direction.
  • After installing, simply follow the first 3 steps in reverse order (3,2,1) till you close the guide bar side panel.
  • Lastly, make sure to adjust the chain tension to make it work properly.

How to take care for your chainsaw chain?

To make the chain of your chainsaw, work properly for a long time without any issues, you have to take care of it. Here are some tips which help you to care your chainsaw chain.

  • Clean it – Always, clean the chain of the chainsaw after using, to remove all the dirt and sawdust on the chain.
  • Oiling – It keep the chain lubricated and reduce the friction. Thus, it prevents getting rust and wear & tear.
  • Sharpness – Also, make sure that chain is sharp before using chainsaw. Never use the chain on the dusty wood, why because it makes the chain gets dull faster.
  • Follow User Manual – In the user manual, all the caring and maintenance tips are mentioned to keep the chain in top performance. Also, one can get information on how to sharpen the chain teeth, lubricate the chain and replace when it breaks.

What are the best chainsaw brands in the market?

Although, there are several brands available in the market to choose from but not everyone is trustworthy. So, below we have provided some reliable brands to help you purchase the best.

  • Stihl – A well-recognized brand for high-quality and dependable chainsaws and chains as well. These chains are sharp and boost the saw’s performance with minimal vibrations.
  • Oregon – The chains are harder and tends to stay sharper. The chainsaw replacement chains are simple to install and won’t loose after running for a longer time.
  • Husqvarna – It is a well-established company that offers high-quality chainsaws. Their products (chains) are high end to boost up the performance of chainsaw and comes at reasonable price.
  • Black & Decker – Another reputable company manufacturing high-quality power tools at reasonable price. These chains are strong, durable, easy to install and stay sharp for a longer time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.How long the chainsaw’s chain will last?

Generally, a high-quality chainsaw chain will last for years, until it maintained properly. However, most of the chains are made with durable materials to resist rust and corrosion. The chain’s longevity will depend on various factors like quality of the chain, what kind of material is being cut, & how often you’re using it along with the chainsaw technique used.
One can improve its longevity by cleaning the cutting surface and material (clear any bark or debris) beforehand to prevent it getting dull. Also, avoid cutting into hard material like hitting ground or rock will definitely damage the chain. Always, sharpen the chain with right sharpening tools on regular basis to make it work effectively for a longer time.

2.How often one has to sharpen the chain?

It depends on their personal preference. Few people like to re-sharpen after a few usages. Here are some signs which indicate you have to sharpen the chain for its proper functioning.
· Whenever the chain not making large chips and starts throwing sawdust along with increased effort on cutting then you have to re-sharpen it.
· One can easily sharpen the chainsaw chains with chainsaw sharpening kits that comes with instruction manual to follow for easy process.
· In case, if you don’t have any sharpening tools or don’t know how to sharpen then simply take out the chain to your local maintenance shop where the replacement or sharpening done by professionals.

3.Which chainsaw chain is preferred as best for cutting hardwood?

Hardwood are widely used to fuel a stove or a fireplace. Generally, hardwood trees like oak, beech, walnut, teak and maple, which are tough but the usage of right chainsaw chain (specially designed cutter chains) will definitely help to saw through the logs with ease & minimal effort.
The semi-chisel chains are safe, easy to handle and works well on hardwood but it can be done slowly. Whereas the full chisel cutters are aggressive and deal perfectly with hardwood with increased speed but not durable and can’t handle dirty surfaces and wood. Also, they kickback more while used on hardwood.

4.Which chainsaw chain is best for cutting firewood?

The firewood is categorized into two types – hardwood and softwood. Although, hardwood is already covered in the above question. The hardwood is denser than softwood and may burn for a longer time to produce more heat by depending on the size, bar length and compatibility.
Coming to softwood trees like pine, cedar, spruce, redwood and season that are quick, lighter and low in density. This wood will ignite faster and produce more smoke and act as great fire starters on stove and fireplace. Avoid using green wood which is freshly cut wood, as it contains moisture. So, use semi-chisel chain that are safe, handles well and last longer.

5.What size chainsaw chain do I need?

One can find the perfect sized chain for your chainsaw by depending on the bar length, pitch and drive links. Simply measure the bar length, pitch (determine the gap between 3 consecutive rivets and divide by 2) and drive links at chainsaw’s bottom. Then you came to know which chain size suits perfect for your chainsaw.

6.Are Oregon chains as good as Stihl?

Although, both are same brands but differ in some issues. The Stihl chain will hold the edge of chainsaw a bit longer when compared than Oregon. While Stihl chain is somewhat hard to file and Oregon are slightly smooth to file when sharpening the chain of chainsaw. The price of the Stihl chain is slightly higher than the price of Oregon chain.


Even though you can use a chainsaw sharpener to sharpen the chain of your chainsaw, there is a limit to the number of times you can sharpen it. As a result, you have to replace it with a new chainsaw chain replacement with one of the various best chainsaw chain options present in this article. You can also find their details along with a detailed buying guide in this article. These can be quite useful for easily choosing the perfect chain replacement for your chainsaw. Although, if you still have any confusion, here are some of our recommendations:

  • The Tallox chainsaw chains pack offers a total of 3 chains in a single pack. As a result, it is a great option if you want a value for money option. You get 16-inch chains in this pack that are compatible with 16-inch chainsaws without any issues. These chains have a standard pitch of ⅜ inches and 0.050-inch gauge. As a result, these can be a great option to use with your chainsaw.
  • Although, if you have a small chainsaw, then you can go with the Greenworks 8 inch chain. It is the smallest option present in this article with a chain length of 8 inches. And it has a chain pitch of ⅜ inch that is quite standard when compared with other options out there. Since it is made by Greenworks, it offers a great build quality and should last you for a long time.
  • The Oregon S62 chainsaw chain is the longest option present in this article. It is compatible with 18-inch chainsaws without any issues. And just like various other options out there, this one also has a ⅜ inch pitch for a low profile chainsaw chain. It is compatible with the chainsaws of various brands out there. While it is a bit on the costly side, it offers a great build quality.

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