Viking Compass Tattoos

The beginnings of the modern Viking compass, also known as Veguvasir, come from the Hild version, the ancient Viking / Icelandic material, and the Goldbook, an ancient magic book compiled by four people, dated 1600. It was close to Christian.

The story behind these enclosures delves into Icelandic traditions, but to their right, they were used as a symbol of protection and guided the fighters on their way.

The word Veguvasir can be directly translated into Icelandic in the terms “Wi-Finder” or “Sign Post”.

More recently, the Viking compass has gained popularity in the teaching community.

It is an incredibly intricate design with 8 poles emanating from the same center point and ending with a unique protective stroke.

These series are alphabetic letters, a German language that is often compared to the hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt.

They consist of straight lines that make them easy to draw on bones, wood or other objects, and in modern times as skin tattoos.

Before the advent of ink and tattoos, it was thought that these symbols used to be carved on the foreheads of Viking warriors with swords, or in a less aggressive way, drawn on their foreheads with blood.

Viking tattoos are as dynamic in design as they are in history, and Viking compass tattoos may be just one of the most popular designs.

Viking Compass Tattoo Meanings

The word Vigosir consists of two Icelandic words, Vigor and Vassir, Vigor means way or way, and Vassir means way or guide, boiling the term to mean “the way of your way” or “impart wisdom”. Your way. ”

Simply put, the goal is to prevent someone from getting lost in your life.

The Viking compass, also called the Norse compass, is a symbol or “running” that signifies someone’s intention to represent strength and endurance.

They can be seen as the legacy of a tradition once lost, a culture that stands the test of time in a hostile environment, or they can be a source of mutual inspiration and a reminder of one’s inner strength.

At its deepest level, the various meanings behind the Viking compass can be traced back to the individual tribes of the region.

This meant that these races would have different meanings in some communities.

Today, however, it is seen as a symbol of protection and guidance, with each beautiful design as brilliant as it is.

In addition to the protection these performance symbols offer, they can also create something special for you.

It could be the name of a loved one, the place of your birth, or whatever you have decided for your life.

Viking Compass Tattoo Placement

Although the location of Viking Compass tattoos is in no way limited to the location or location of the place, the location can be a great indication of what’s behind it.

We can divide most of Viking’s careers into three main categories: offense, defense, and utility.

Offensive runs are those that indicate a form of violence, political upheaval, or victory over an enemy. These careers can be found, but are not limited to places like arms or legs on your hands, using tattoos as a guide to steer your life in the right direction.

When it comes to getting a Viking compass tattooed on your body, the interpretation of its purpose may depend on where it is placed.

  • Viking Compass Tattoo on Chest
  • Viking Compass Elbow Tattoos
  • Viking Compass Tattoos on Forearm
  • Viking Compass Tattoos on Shoulder
  • Viking Compass Calf Tattoos
  • Viking Compass Back Tattoos
  • Viking Compass Hand Tattoos

Viking Compass Tattoo Designs

Viking compass tattoos are very versatile and show some special and unique designs.

They can often be paired with animals such as wolves, wolves, or horses, which pay homage to Viking gods and goddesses, or other items associated with their culture, such as weapons.

Although gray and black can be a common choice for this tattoo design, depending on the intention of many tattoos, red elements are added that reflect blood, war, or force.


Considering its size and versatility, the Viking Compass Tattoo is an excellent choice for someone willing to commit to a bold and daring tattoo.

Each design is open to interpretation, and you can play around with various protective runes or symbols, depending on what the compass is intended to mean to you.

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