How to WhatsApp read your girlfriend chat and another mobile

As you all know mobile is important for everyone nowadays and it is very important for people to know what is inside mobile.   

And we don’t know the advantages of mobile and what are the things in mobile and what is the benefit to us.

And there are many apps, the most famous of which is WhatsApp which works for us messaging and through WhatsApp we can make video calls with each other.

And WhatsApp has a lot of functions in which we first talk about it. The most important function is that we can send any picture to each other in it and also Hamas video call.

And besides, I will tell you what is the benefit of it. In the full article, you can read it in its entirety and it will benefit you a lot more.

And the innumerable contacts in the WhatsApp can keep their own and besides we can put any status for our memory or for our enjoyment in which our family friends, any of these friends are insensitive.

And the biggest advantage of this is that his call will not come in our recorder and nowhere is his call ID card made and besides that if we tell him about his settings then it is in whichThere is privacy in which you can keep the last scene with a good husband with 3 types like you should eat anyone, what time you are online, what time you are offline, you should come, what time you are online and Other than that no one should show up.

There are pictures of your profile and in it you can show or not show it to anyone. Besides, it is written about you that you want to write anything about yourself, besides you want to post status and Also, if it should be updated and it doesn’t even know, then it also includes the one through which you will delete the message on it, it will not even know if it is annoyed with your message.

And if you want his and my message to be deleted after 24 hours or deleted after that day or also deleted after 7 days then friends for him too.The default MS which you have to do justice to is that after you have made someone you have to make your location live.

You have to get a puncture. Apart from the wife, there are also friends in it and what function do you need in it and besides, you get friends one by one, so by verifying that you can name them, your WhatsApp will never be one. In addition, you can now call from one number to another.

In addition to this, we can talk to our friends. In addition, it has a lot of storage and can invite eggs, so it has something of its own to do all this work inside.

And you got the full benefit of it by reading this full article and get to know more about WhatsApp and what else could be of benefit you have to see and this article is my favorite.

WhatsApp Updates is an option that we get from Play Store, through which we can extract data of any of our friends in our mobile, then how many messages he has sent to him, when, what time and how many messages and because They can take it all out and use it, and we can.

And there’s another app for WhatsApp that you can take out someone’s son sitting at home, whether he’s a slave or not, and it’s a huge benefit and now you don’t have to worry, you use it. Yes, your son can be taken out and any WhatsApp is done and there are a lot of his perfections and a lot of benefits and by using it you will have a lot of fun and you will suffer from anxiety.

And use it and enjoy it and there is something else in the WhatsApp that tells you that no one can do the app and there is no one who can chat with him. Why is chat crying so much and this WhatsApp which you are so very good and we should use it as much as possible because it benefits us a lot.

Our cigarette stuff is not shared with anyone. There is so much to learn and so many things to learn and gossip with each other and without any hesitation without any hassle.

And with WhatsApp, you can now sit at home and talk face to face with your loved ones who have gone abroad to work for you, face to face, as if you were sitting face to face.

And with that you can get a lot of things at very low charges and also something like this if you want to send a picture to someone and if you want to see it only once then it has the option that There he saw only once that after that he would not be able to see if the picture was not correct.

And also if you want any friend to fall in love with you friend keeps throwing you junk video over and over again video any video that takes up so much space in your life and you love it so much There is an option for this which is more narrow.

If you turn it on and see now, those things will not come in your mobile and they will be deleted from there and will not use your gallery space. In addition, those who add status to it only stay in it for 24 hours. This error is automatically deleted. After that you have to add a new status, then we will tell you a lot about it. There are so many things we can do to keep our conversations safe and you can’t take any of the little ones that are very precious to us and ask for them.

There are so many great things that can be done to prevent you from typing in the first place. Can extract sitting data…



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