The main character Seong is introduced as the drama story begins. His son’s birthday had arrived. Seong requires additional funds. He steals his mother’s ATM card.  Then he steals all the money from his mother. It wagers the money on horse riding and wins four million wons. Seong borrowed money from a business. That’s why those people are drawn to him. They kidnap Seong and severely beat him.

When Seong checks his pocket to return their money, he discovers he has none. It means the money he has won from the horse riding. Then he remembers colliding with a girl as he ran away from them. That girl has undoubtedly ripped his pocket.

Because Seong does not have any money, they have given him a one-month sentence. During this time he has to return their money. Then Seong arranges money and takes his son to dinner. After it, Seong reaches the station hurriedly. Unluckily, his train was missed. A man comes to Seong while he was waiting for the train while sitting. He was an unknown person Seong doesn’t know anything about him. The unknown person says to Seong I want to play a game with you.

He says to Seong if you will win this game I will give you 1 lac won.  Hearing about a large sum of money Seong agrees to participate in this game. After being beaten a lot, Seong wins the game. It means he gets 1 lac won. The unknown person gives Seong a card and says if you want to earn more money, contact the number. Returning home, Seong’s mother says to Seong. Your daughter is shifting with her stepfather to the US next year.

It is revealed here that Seong divorced and his wife married. Seong never wants his daughter to move far from him. He wants a lot of money to get custody of his daughter. So he calls at the card number, Seong was brought in a car there were other people. They all get fainted and when they awake, They find themselves in a facility with 456 other people. They were there as players because they were wearing a uniform. Read the next detail of this Drama serial in part 2.

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