The host of this facility was a man he was the frontman there. He was keeping an eye on them. There was one coming thing, the people who were brought has taken many debts. Seong meets player number 1. He was an old man. He has a brain tumor that’s the reason he was brought here.

His life was also about to end. There is a fight between two players. In which the girl was named Sae-Byeok the boy was named Jang. Sae-Byeok was the girl who has stolen Seog’s money. she has ripped his pocket. Seong recognizes her after seeing her. He goes to her for asking her about his money. Meanwhile, some guards arrive while wearing the pink uniform. Their faces were covered. The guards tell those players you all have to play a total of six games here.

The winner of this game will have a lot of money. Their signs were taken on a contract. The first rule of this contract is that no player can skip this game on his or her own. The second rule is that any player who refuses to play will be eliminated. What does the word eliminate mean to them? we will find out later.

The third rule was if the majority of players are unwilling to play the game, they may leave. After it, they were taken for playing the game. Seong meets his classmate Sang-Woo who knows him since childhood. Seong gets shocked seeing him because he has gone out of the country for business.

There was a massive doll for the first game. This game’s rule was so simple. It was, whenever Doll will sing they have to move forward, as it will stop singing they have to stop. don’t have to move. if someone will move, he will be eliminated. Everything will be appeared to be a joke at first. But when a boy moves, he was finished after being shot. It was the meaning of eliminating. It means they will be finished, seeing it, they all get panicked. They discover they are in danger. The next part 3 will have a very amazing part of this serial.

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