Squid Game 2021 Drama

They are terrified and panicked, so they wander. Now because of the rule of the game, the one who was moving will be finished. The Survivors somehow complete the game. The dead bodies were removed, leaving only 255 players out of a total of 456.

All players were scared, now none wants to play the game. As rule number 3 was if the majority wants they can skip the game. The Frontman does the voting process before they were shown the price money. The money the winner will get, but if they leave the game, this money will be given to the dead player’s family. The prize money was a total of 45 billion wons.

The voting is done in which the majority didn’t want to play the game. That is why the game stops there. They can rejoin the game in the future if they want. They all were taken to their houses. The next day, Seong tells the police everything while going to the police station.

But they did not believe in the Seong. They think he is insane. Seong shows them the card but surprisingly the number on it was wrong. Seong returns home but his mother was not there. Seong’s classmate sang woo was seeing his mother secretly. Meanwhile, Seong arrives. Sang-woo tells Seong being upset I am under 6 billion in debt.  He tells me I have put clients’ money in the stock margin. Regrettably, all of the money was squandered. Seong receives a call from the hospital, the foot of Soeng’s mother was injured. Her wound grew larger as a result of her failure to treat her diabetes.

The doctor tells Seong your mother can be treated, for this, we have to remove her foot. This operation demands a lot of money. It is obvious Seong has no money even. He has finished the insurance money for his mother, Seong goes to his wife for asking of money. His wife refuses to give him money. His wife tells her husband that Seong has come for asking for the money. Her husband comes to give Seong money and Says “stay away from my family”. The further story is next in part 4.


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