Seong starts beating him then his daughter also arrives. After it, Seong’s friend goes to his boss for asking for the money. His boss refuses to give him money so the fight starts between them. during the fight, his boss’s hand becomes injured in the machine, and getting a chance, Seong’s friend escapes while taking money. Returning home, Seong’s friend says to his wife to take the first flight and leave. Se-Byeok meets an agent. Because she has to shift her mother from the north to the south area. Sae-Book is the girl who has stolen Seong’s money. Sae-Beyok needs money to bring her mother here.

Sae Beyok has an elder brother whom she promised she will bring her mother. Later, an officer is shown his brother was missing, the officer goes to his brother’s house. He discovers his brother has not come to his home for the last few days. While checking the house the officer finds a card here. the officer has seen the same card with Seong in the police station.

The officer approaches Seong and Inquiries about it, but Seong refuses to answer. When seong returns home, he again finds that card. Seong decided that he will again join the game. That’s why all the players were taken near a ship. The officer also arrives while chasing the cars. He finishes the guard and throws him in the water.

The players were taken to a facility on an island. They have no idea about the next game and it will be played? They make their teams. Sae-Byeok and her female friend go to the washroom at night. Escaping from the guards Sae-Byeok explores the facility. She notices that guards are cooking something in hue pots.

Guard suspect and a guard come to check the washrooms. Till then Sae-Byeok has returned. Sae-Byeok tells her female friend everything she sees. But sang-woo hears them. He asks Sae-Byeok about it, and she tells him they were cooking something in huge pots. Then all the players were taken to the playground. There were four shapes in front of them and they have to choose a shape. The next detail of the story is in part 5.

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