Sang-woo comes to know about the game and what they have to do? Sang-woo tells Seog they all have to choose different shapes. After it, they were given a small pot, shapes were made in it. Their game is to take out the shape somehow. Without any damage but if the shape will be d shaped they will be eliminated. It means they will be finished.

Sang-woo easily takes out the shape. Seong’s condition gets worse being panicked. But then he somehow wins this game. They were taken back to the rooms. 187 players were returned and now 108 were left from them. After it, they were taken to have food. Because of food Jang fights with a boy. Jang beats the boy, he finishes the boy on the spot. There is a doctor shown among the player.

It sells the organ of the dead body to the Chinese with the help of guards. That’s why whenever dead bodies were taken they disappear. This was all happening according to a plan. Thia was happening secretly from the frontman. this is the reason they make their own man sitting in the control room. He used to delete all the video footage of them. The guards already aware the doctor about them. So that he will survive.

A guards inform the doctor that we have given the players less food today. So they will together. Because of this all the week players will be out of game. with it, the guard tells the doctor about the next game. Now the lights were about to off after 30 minutes. Sang-woo knows that Seong’s team will do something stupid.

The doctor’s player add up in the jang team. Here the doctor tells Jang about the next game. After it, the lights off and Jang beats everyone with his team. After finishing a girl, Jang goes to finish Sae-byeok. But Seong saves her. The guards arrived and forbade them; there were only 80 people.Later they were taken for the third game. They were asked to make a team consisting of 10 players. They do the same and make their team.

The part 6 of drama is very emotional and full of action.

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