A guard also chases him and reaches a playground. The guard was about to end the doctor while trapping him. The leader arrives and ends him later, he also ends the doctor. On the way, he also finds the dead body of number 28. He knows there is someone in the facility. The officer reaches the leader’s room. While checking, he arrives at a room there was every one’s record.

The officer checks and finds the record of the winners. There was his brother’s name which means he was the winner, The player was taken from the fourth game. They were asked to choose their partner. The player does the same and chooses their partner. Sae-Byeok’s female friend also tries to search for her partner. None was ready to be her partner. Following that each player was given 10 marbles.

In the game, the player has to take all marbles from his partner. without forcing him. The other person having no marbles will end. Sang-woo and Seong’s friend play the even and odd game. They have to guess the number of marbles in the front of a person’s hand.

Seong’s friend wins all the marbles of Sang-woo. As a result, Sand woo has only marble left in the final round. Sang-woo knows now his life will be ended. He traps Seong’s friend and makes him believe that if anyone will lose in us their match will be again held.

Sang-woo while doing cheating changes the marbles of Seong’s friend. Taking the marbles Sang-woo gives them to the guard. He leaves from there. Seong’s friend checks the marbles but there were stones.

The condition of player number 1 was worse. That is why he was running here and there. Seong makes him ready to play and they also play the even and odd game. The old man wins all the marble of Seong. But in the last round, the old man forgets what has he chosen? Seong takes his marbles while trapping him. But the old man was astute; he kept a marble. He again wonders, and seong again requests him to play another game with him.

Part 8 of the drama represents a moral lesson for readers and watchers.


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