He says I knew everything but I was acting like being a fool. Hearing it, Seong took pity on him and gives him all the marbles. Sae Byeok and her female friend were also playing games. Their game is, that the one who will throw marbles near the wall will win.

At first, Sae-Byeok throws her marbles. Seeing it, Sae-Byeok asks her friend to throw it again. Her friend says no Sae-Byeok, I am alone and there is nothing behind me. But if something bad happens to you, it would not be good. There is your elder brother waiting for you, Sae-Byeok’s friend was finished. Their dead bodies were taken from there. they return to the rooms.

Jang notices Sae-Byeok’s friend is still alive. She was sitting calmly. Here it is shown that Sae-Byeok’s friend was also Jang’s friend. There was a reason why they clashed. Jang’s friend bullies him. Later, the frontman finds the ID card of the officer near the dead body. The front comes to know that his VIPs have arrived.

The frontman moves to receive them. All VIPs were taken to the rooms and the frontman later tells about the Vip’s arrival to another man. He was the main man we will know later about him.

The next day they all were brought for the fifth game. There were the digits from 1 to 16, the players will take their numbers. Which means there will be their turn according to their number. In the last, the first and the last number left. It means 1 and 16, Seong’s confused about which number he has to choose. if he chooses the first option, he will be stuck because he is unfamiliar with the game. If he chooses the last number, it is possible that he will have not his turn. Due to the shortage of time, meanwhile, a man arrives and says Seong I want the first number. Because I have never been on the first number in my life.

They were taken to a gaming room. The rule of the game is that they have to cross the bridge in the given time. There were two glasses in between the bridge. one was ordinary glass but the other was tempered glass. they will fall down. The game then begins and they are eliminated one by one. The next part 9 of the game is full of wonder and suspense.

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