Jang was in front of all and was not moving forward. They have only one way to move forward or to die here. Jang’s friend comes in front who was bullying him, she says, I told you when you deceived me that I will finish you. She holds Jang and jumps due to it, they both were finished.

There was a man, who worked in the glass industry. He knew which one is tempered glass. The frontman turns off the lights when he knows about it. So they will not recognize the glass. They do not have time for the last step, so sang-woo pushes the man. Sang-woo, Seong, and Sae-Byeok have crossed the bridges. But due to broken glass, they were injured. Sae-Byeok was hurt as well.

On the other hand, The officer has taken a servant’s place after finishing him. A VIP suspects the officer. He asks him to remove the mask. Okay, says the officer, but I will remove my mask before going inside. Then the officer moves inside with the VIP.

Moving inside, the officer makes the VIP faint and the frontman knows it. The frontman chases him and sees the officer. The officer escapes and reaches an island. The frontman also arrives while chasing him. The Officer tries to call his seniors. But the call disconnects. The officer sends him all the proofs but there was no network.

The frontman captures the officer and asks him to go with him. But the officer fires a bullet at the frontman. when an officer takes off his mask, the officer realizes that it is none other than this brother. Officer’s brother means the frontman shoots him. He falls into the water. Sae-Byeok was injured due to glass. she was bleeding. Then the survivors were taken to the dinner. A knife was also placed near them, It means that at night, anyone among them will kill someone. Seong notices that Sae-byeok’s condition is worse.

He says to Sae-Byeok do not worry, we are together and will defeat Sang-woo, then we will leave and will divide the money. Sae-Byeok tells him I have an elder brother I have left him in an orphanage. If one of us goes out, he or she must care for both families. Sae-Byeok’s condition was worse she needs a doctor. Seong goes for asking for help but when he returns Sang-woo has finished Sae-Byeok,

The next day they were taken for the last game, The rule of the game was simple, Die to be dead. This game was named Squid game. The game starts and there is a huge fight between them. In the last, Sang-woo’s condition got worse. Seong says I want to stop this game. Seong asks Sang-woo to come with him. Sang-woo finishes himself and due to it, Seong wins the game.

The frontman says to Seong you have played well, but I was not expecting this. Then Seong was dropped at his house. He has an ATM card and when he checks it, he sees all of his money has been transferred. Seong moves to his house, but his mother dies before he arrives. The scene showed a year later. Seong’s condition was worst and used to take drugs. He did not use the money yet. A lady who was selling flowers come to Seong and gives him the same card. An address was mentioned in it, he moves to that address. There he discovers that it all has been done by players number 1. There he discovers it all has been done by the old man, player number. he is still alive and the old man tells Seong that he is tired of his life.

I have made these games with my clients so I will enjoy seeing the people dying. But we did not force anyone for doing this. I took part in the game because playing is more enjoyable than watching. He says”the money you have is mine”, saying this, the old man dies.

After Seong goes to the elder brother of Sae-Byeok. He drops him at Sang-woo’s mother and asks her to take care of this kid. He also gives her a bag full of money. Seong moves to the station and the same unknown person. whom he met at the start of the movie meets him. Seong pursues him, but he manages to flee. Then seong calls at the card number. He asks” who are you and why are you doing this to people?” why are you tampering with other people’s lives.

But the response was, Seong, get on the place if you want to live. This is the end.

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