It is told at the start of the film, This time is after 300 years of world war. It means a world war broke out 300 years. which causes the devastation of the whole world. There is a spaceship featured there that was filled with people from all over the world. And the inhabitants of that spacecraft were known to dump their garbage on earth.

A scientist discovers a robot in the garbage one day. It was not an ordinary robot but a robot that is half a human and half machine. That scientist lifts the robot and brings it to his house. And he repairs that robot perfectly. He fixes a new body with it. The next day, that robot wakes up which was a female.

And it was exciting, getting a new body. Then that female robot asks a scientist, who am I? How have I come here? From where have I come?

The scientist himself is unaware of where she has come from. So the doctor does not tell it anything. But the doctor just tells it. your half body had been damaged when we got you in the garbage.

But your brain was sound. afterwards, we mended your body. It means that we attached a new human body with you. After this, doctor shows it this world. that female robot gets excited, viewing this city. It also shows a glimpse of spacecraft.

She inquires of from the scientist, What exactly is it? Is this a real world? The doctor tells it,It was the last remaining city after world war. And its name is sky city. There is pleasant life in sky city. everyone wishes to go there. Because upper class resides there while lower class inhabits in our world.

Then the doctor names the robot. he says” your name is Alita now on”. Alita is pleased here its name. The doctor also tells that all inhabitants of earth serve sky city. Beause sky cities has many field, industries and fatories. After this, Alita meets a boy named Hugo. Hugo compliments Alita’s body, seeing it.┬áBeause its body was robotic which was strong enough.

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