Alita and Hugo are befriended nicely. On the same night, a girl is murdered in that city. Actually, there was a career criminal in that city who used to end girls after grabbing them. Afterward, he used to sell body parts. On the same night, Alita witnessed a doctor, who was returning home from somewhere.

Alita observes that the scientist’s hands are blood-stained. Seeing, it doubts that doctor may be the killer behind the occurred murder of the city. On the following day, the scientist’s wife appears to meet him. because they were divorced. here it is revealed that the adjusted human body with Alita. In fact, it is the body of his daughter. His daughter was no more so he donated his daughter’s body to Alita.

After that Hugo invites Alita to join him in the game. And this game was sell known game in this city. Alita fascinates others while playing this game perfectly. Alita also wins the game. Huge takes Alita to his best-loved place later.

It was the roof of a building where the sight of the whole city could be viewed. and sky city was also nearer from here. There is also the biggest, Hugo tells that, All objects came on the earth from SkyCity through this pipe. I am struggling hard to go to the SkyCity. Surely i will reach there. Alita ask how this sky city look? Hugo says to it, In fact doctor has discovered you from the garbage. And that garbage was of that city. It means that you have come from sky city. But Alita did not possess a little memory about it. and she had forgotten her past. Actually she had lost her memory.

Next day, the doctor goes out of the house. and Alita is chasing him. Alita understands here that the doctor is not the killer. He is however a hunter Warrior. Hunter warriors are those who end the criminals. The deadbodies of these killers are taken to the factory later. A heavy reward is received in the place of them. Here Alita knows about the reality of the doctor. At the same time , the serial killer approhes there.


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