He was the same assassin who was killing the girls, but he lived in the city. Then Alita bravely confronts that killer. It beats enough which compels him to flee. While Alita succeeds to kill the other killer. Then the doctor and Alita move to the factory taking the killers ahead. Where they get the reward of 20$ in place of that head. Afterward, the doctor reveals his tale to Alita. How did he become a hunter warrior? And why did it happen? He tells it is the story of a time when my wife, daughter, and I used to live together.

One day they made a robot. And that robot abducted their daughter, coming into their house. After this incident, the doctor angered enough on the robot. And the doctor damaged his own made robot. The doctor became hunter warrior right after that.

Then a man comes on the scene named Vector. In fact, Vector was the head of the Race game. It was the vector that was used to arrange this game.

The doctor’s wife can also be seen with Vector. Here it is revealed that the doctor’s wife is playing a trick accompanying vector. Because vector had promised her that, he will send them to the sky city. So the doctor’s wife is also a doctor herself who also works for vector. Then the same robot is shown, who was spoiled by Alita.

That robot moves to the vector. It tells him that Alita is behind my body distortion. Vector says ill to the robot commenting, Have you come back after being beaten by a little girl. The robot reveals that it is not a little girl but the strongest. Vector says to the robot, Now it is your mission that you have to bring Alita before me after damaging it. Then Hugo takes Alita to view the race game.

He also tells Alita, The winner of this game is sent to the Sky city. hearing it, Alita gets excited. Then Hugo takes Alita to show her a ship. He explains it is the ship of enemies from 300 years ago. That ship fascinates Alita when she casts a glance at it. So Alita moves to that ship, jumping into the water.


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