Alita also discovers some high technological bodies in the ship. Alita returns to the doctor, taking that body. He says to the doctor, fix this body with it, replacing. It means adjusting this body with my head. But the doctor refuses to carry it out.

He tells this body is mighty, having fixed weapons with it. you will become so menacing if this body will be fixed with you. Too threatening! that you will kill the people and devastate the world. Alita becomes aggressive, facing this refusal.

Afterward, Alita moves to the factory. Going there, it also decides that it is also “Hunter warrior ” from now on. It goes to a club with Hugo. All hunters of the city were there And it provokes everyone. That we should eradicate the robot of the vector. Because it is the same assassin who has taken the lives of the entire city. And it also ends other people.

One of the hunters makes Alita a laughing stock. he says, having a little size, how will you kill someone. And have you become a hunter warrior. Hearing it, Alita beats him while confronting enough. And he is fallen backside, witnessing it, all hunters are left shocked. Meanwhile, the vector’s robot appears there. which had increased in size now.

Because the doctor’s wife has upgraded it. coming there, that robot assaulted Alita, and Alita also attack in return. That robot enters a tunnel to save his life. Then Alita also moves to that underground place while chasing him. A tough fight is held between both of them. In the end, that robot spoils Alita. And dismembers its body.

At the same time, Hugo and the doctor arrive there. when they confronted the robot, they beat it. they burn its body. Then that robot flees from there in order to secure his life. The doctor bring Alita’s damaged body to home. Alita’s body had fully been damaged. Having no other option, doctor fixes that body with Alita.

Which he had discovered from the ship.Next morning when Alita awakenes, It feels comfortable because it had got a new body. It was mighty and equipped. And the fire can also be produced through that body.

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