Getting this new body, Alita feels pleasure. In the coming days, Alita goes to meet Hugo to show her robotic body. Observing its equipped body, Alita likes it and feels good. He is also impressed. Here Hugo reveals to Alita, I want to go to the sky city soon. But everyone needs to go there. And these scores can be gained after killing someone winning a racing game. Here Alita gives its robotic heart to Hugo pulling it out. And says take my robotic heart, Sell it so that you will get some scores.
Then you may go to sky city. And the robotic heart of Alita is not an ordinary one, but it possesses much power. And that robotic heart is powerful that this city can take electricity from this heart for many months.

But Hugo forbids taking Alita’s, robotic heart. He says I do not need it. You may keep it safe in your possession. Because you’re robotic heart is very necessary. He says you should take part in the race game because I am sure that you may win the race. We will move to the “sky city” if you win the game. Hearing it, Alita immediately consents. And she gets ready to take part in the game. And she wanted to carry it out for Hugo because of her affection for him.
Afterward, Vectors arrive on the scene and hire the hunters and killers to end Alita.

He says to everyone, In case you kill Alita in the race. Then I will give you 5 million scores. This is basic to go to sky city. Then that hunter is seen, who had been beaten by Alita in the club. And he wanted to take revenge on Alita for his humiliation.
Now he was going to take this revenge on Hugo. Ending a man, he alleges Hugo. Now Hugo was alleged to kill someone. As a result, he started to turn criminal. Alita on the other hand appears. Who had taken part in the race which was going to start? All killers in the race become opponents of Alita.



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