Hence all the opponents assault Alita. But Alita was also equal to them.  She continued to kill them, confronting them one by one. Then Alita receives a call from Hugo. He tells me that hunter has become my opponent. And he wants to end my life. Then Alita goes to rescue Hugo leaving the race. Reaching there, Alita beats the hunter violently. While it is revealed in the whole city that Hugo has become a criminal.

He was also wanted. As the capture will also get 30$ as a reward. Then the city police arrive there to end Hugo. Because everyone agreed on the point of view that, Hugo is a criminal so it is essential to end him. So all say to Alita to put Hugo to death. But Alita does not kill him. But the hunter ends Hugo with help of the sword.

Hugo was taking his last breath here. At first sight, Hugo is finished. Then the doctor’s wife comes there. Who says to Alita, Cut Hugo’s head, Because we will adjust a body with his head and we will make him a robot.

Because the doctor’s wife has turned into a gentle lady now. And she wanted to do it so that Hugo may revive again. So Alita has been doing the same now. She dismantles Hugo’s head in front of the whole. Later it takes Hugo’s head to the doctor. Where the doctor fixes another body with Hugo’s head after his operation.

As a result, Hugo has revived again. Hugo and Alita get excited because Hugo had a robotic body now like Alita. Alita is informed by the doctor that Vector defrauds everyone. Because he promises to send you to the sky city after deceiving you with a large sum of money. Even no human goes to sky city paying the amount of money. And no one can go to sky city. But only the inhabitants of sky city can go there and can live there. And the winner of this race can go to the sky city from this world.

Otherwise on can visit there. The doctor also tells Alita that I and my wife were born in sky city. And we had arrived here for the treatment of our daughter.

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